T.H.E Interview – Justin Caruso

Justin Caruso Interview

What happens if you suffer from a basketball injury and have a lot of time on your hands? You need a new hobby!

For Justin Caruso that was an easy choice, after growing up with a lot of music in the house, music became very important to him so he decided to start with producing music. Years later he has already accomplished a lot! He has toured with big names like Tiësto and The Chainsmokers and has released a lot of music. The one thing you notice in all of his music is the happy and uplifting vibe. After listening to a Justin Caruso song, you will definitely feel better.

We caught up with Justin to speak about how he manages to achieve that “uplifting vibe” in each song, and what touring with Tiesto feels like!

T.H.E – Hey Justin! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. What have you been up to in this lockdown?

Justin Caruso – Thank you for having me! I’ve been spending a lot of time making music and enjoying some extra time with my dog during the lockdown. It’s a pretty crazy time but it’s important we all stay safe!

T.H.E – Before we speak about your “No Eyes On Me” single, could tell us a bit about how you got into electronic music. We read that it happened when you suffered a basketball injury?

Justin Caruso – I always loved listening to EDM when I was in high school, even though most of my friends chose hip hop. I was playing basketball for my high school when I suffered a leg injury. Due to being stuck laying in bed all day I thought, why not try and make this music myself?

My biggest influences in music when I began were Porter Robinson, The Chainsmokers, 3LAU and Swedish house mafia! They were the ones that got me hooked and kept me inspired.

T.H.E – How did “No Eyes On Me” come about?

Justin Caruso – I got sent a demo idea for “No Eyes On Me” and fell in love with it right away! I spent a month or so working on it and giving it my own sound and I am so happy with the outcome.

T.H.E – Each song of yours has a very uplifting, dance vibe. How do you manage to achieve that with every track?

Justin Caruso – My number one goal with my music is to make people feel good! When I’m making my music I take it from this approach, If I listened to this will it lift me up? I’ve always been a positive person so I’m happy that comes through my music.

T.H.E – You have toured with the likes of Tiesto who has achieved legendary status in the dance music scene. What struck you the most about him when you were with him while touring?

Justin Caruso – Tiesto really cares, and when I say that I mean he loves music and loves people. He is one of the nicest people I met. Right from the start, he’d ask me to show him music I’m working on and asked what music I currently like. Since he is so committed to music and inspiring up and comers he has remained the king for so long!

T.H.E – What does the rest of 2020 look like from a production point of view?

Justin Caruso – A lot of new music. I finally have the time to sit at home and make endless music. I’m very excited to start releasing more.

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