Parker Matthews: The Emotional Journey And Artistic Vision Behind ‘More Than Friends’

parker matthews

In the ever-evolving landscape of pop music, Parker Matthews stands out not only for his unique sound but also for the heartfelt stories he weaves into his songs.

His latest single, “More Than Friends,” is a testament to this deeply personal approach to music-making. In an exclusive interview, Matthews opens up about the creative process behind the track, his identity as an LGBTQ+ artist, and his vision for the future.

“More Than Friends” is more than just a melody; it’s a trip down memory lane, revisiting a poignant chapter in Matthews’ life. “This record talks about a time when I fell for my straight best friend back at home. It’s memories like this that are key to think of when writing a record, but they’re very hard to relive,” Matthews shares. He wanted the track to encapsulate the dual feelings of comfort and turmoil he experienced, a theme that resonates deeply within the LGBTQ+ community.

Growing up idolizing powerhouse vocalists like Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Adele, and Christina Aguilera, Matthews felt a connection with their music but also recognized a gap in representation. “As a guy living through these moments, the one thing that was different was that these were women,” he reflects. Breaking away from industry pressures to keep his songs gender-neutral, Matthews chose to be true to himself. “Eventually, I walked away from those people, and started writing songs that defined me, to my core.”

Facing challenges in the industry, particularly regarding his openness in singing about his experiences with men, Matthews found a way to connect with a broader audience. “My concerts and singing about guys that broke my heart is incredibly relatable to my straight female fans as well,” he explains. His approach is not just about sharing his own stories but about creating a space of acceptance and healing through music.

Matthews places immense value on the empowering messages in his songs. “Music saved my life growing up, and I know it’s my duty to return that gift to others throughout my journey,” he states. This philosophy guides his songwriting process, which usually starts with a concept and a title, followed by developing the hook and then building the rest of the song.

In the digital age, while appreciative of the broad reach streaming platforms provide, Matthews acknowledges the challenges of standing out in a saturated market. Looking forward, he is excited about upcoming records and collaborations, and especially about bringing his music to live audiences. “I am so stoked to continue sharing my story and hearing the stories of all my fans and building my team of heartbroken warriors even bigger than ever before.”

Parker Matthews is not just a pop artist; he is a storyteller whose authenticity shines through in his music, offering a beacon of hope and understanding to his listeners, empowering them through shared experiences and emotions. His journey is a vivid reminder of the power of staying true to oneself in the world of music.


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