5 Kinds Of Feelings You Get While At Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour”

taylor swift eras tour feelings

The “Eras Tour” quickly became a global sensation, reminding us about the advantages of proper planning and dedication.

A few years back, Taylor Swift was just another artist in the music industry. Today, she is considered one of the richest artists, after climbing the ladder of billionaires, thanks to the “Eras Tour.”

One major factor in Taylor Swift’s success with the “Eras Tour” is her choice of songs that make up the tour’s setlist. The “Eras Tour” has 10 albums, with unique and celebrated songs collectively making up its setlist.

This ensured that her concerts were packed with 44 different vibes and trust Taylor; she knows how to set the mood straight with each Era.

It generally hasn’t been an easy ride for herself, as she had to endure rigorous rehearsal routines to meet up with her performances.

That is aside from the fact that she found a way to make every Era more intimate with unique dresses matching each album’s cover art. The level of familiarity between Taylor and her fans since the “Eras Tour” began is at the point where Swifties already know the Era they’ll be entertained with once they see the dress Taylor walks on the stage in.

This has also set the atmosphere straight with the kind of feelings you’re likely to get while at her concerts. Trust us when we say, this took time to prepare because we wouldn’t want to post anything that isn’t verifiable by Swifties. Those sets of people have all become verified detectives, all thanks to Taylor Swift who made the “Eras Tour” become a game of hide and seek.

At the same time, we’re sure they’ll not hesitate to blow the whistle if we don’t get a feeling right. After all, these are not secrets.

Speaking of secrets, we all know that getting tickets to Taylor’s “Eras Tour” currently involves stressful processes. Notwithstanding the fact, perhaps an alternative ticket marketplace will be the best option to get Taylor Swift tickets at the moment.

What’s The “Eras Tour” Concerts Like?

“Marvellous.” The “Eras Tour” is one such event that you lack the appropriate words to describe. You know when a piece of pizza tastes so good that all you can do after taking a bite is mumble, that’s how good the “Eras Tour “ is. At this junction, we doubt if “Marvellous” cuts it for describing what the “Eras Tour” is.

Perhaps a word like, “Magnificent” sounds better or “Alice in Wonderland,” since that’s what it feels like, “Wonderful.” We wouldn’t want to go deep in describing the kinda magic Taylor performs during her concerts, not to be spoilers for those yet to attend any of her concerts, even though the internet has done pretty much of that.

From diving like a swan on stage to the amazing choreography indulged in by Taylor herself, the 34-year-old is not letting on and has surely set new standards for what live entertainment should be about.

But, we can’t lie. The internet still maintains the cap for the best memory box. At least, we can easily relive the best moments of the “Eras Tour,” thanks to the internet. Better still, thanks to whoever made the internet.

5 Kinds Of Feelings You Get At Taylor Swift’s Concert

With all said and done, let’s check out the 5 kinds of feelings you get while at Taylor Swift’s concerts.

A Euphoric Feeling

Have you listened to Taylor’s version of “1989?” It has all the songs needed to make you extremely happy. And the fact that this album is also a contributing Era with songs like “Shake it Off,” on the setlist of the “Eras Tour,” makes the concert euphoric to the core.

Plus, the fact that Taylor Swift has taken on a new profession aside from music will also create a euphoric feeling for you. Referring to her “Standup Comedian” personality that was developed during the “Eras Tour.”

Taylor found a way to insert jokes into her performances. This insertion is done at random times. Even when things do not go as planned during her performance, she finds a way to joke about it and this creates a euphoric atmosphere.

A Hankering Feeling

There are few things capable of raising the hankering feeling within you while at Taylor Swift’s concert. It can be little things like her popular deep red colour guitar that she uses to play special songs during her concerts or her microphone.

The hankering feeling gets to you more when it is something within your reach. Something you wish Taylor would just give to you at the instance.

Just like the hat she normally gives out to her lucky fans whenever she performs her version of “RED.” When it’s not you at the receiving end, you would wish it was you. And you would also wish it was you she runs backstage to, after her performance, just like she runs to Travis Kelce.

Her extraordinary performances are also capable of making you have a hankering feeling, to state the least.

An Indignation Feeling

Do you know how some of Taylor’s songs are inspired by her failed relationships? This sort of creates an upsetting feeling within you when she performs them during her concert.

Even though you are sort of enjoying the song because it somehow relates to your life at the moment, you immediately get pissed off when you remember the fact that these men treated our sweet-sweet Taylor so badly, she had to express herself in a song.

Moreover, Taylor is good with expressive lyrics. The verse one of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “I remember when we broke up the first time,” immediately takes you back to your first relationship that didn’t end well. You instantly get the indignation feeling when you remember all you sacrificed, as you sing aloud and along with Taylor.

A Melancholic Feeling

Shortly after you must have felt great anger towards the ex who broke your heart or the man who broke Taylor’s heart, the next feeling you’re likely to get is a melancholic one. This works hand in hand with anger.

You’re likely to feel sad for a lot of reasons while at Taylor Swift’s concert. Some songs on the “Eras Tour” setlist can also make you sad. Songs like “Look What You Made Me Do,” and also “Love Story.”

These songs take hold of our memories and remind us of the good times we shared with our exes, hence igniting the melancholic feeling within us.

An Apathetic Feeling

Most times, when you’re done being angry, and sad. The next feeling that follows is the apathetic feeling. This is when you don’t feel anything else. You’re neither sad nor happy. But, this doesn’t last.

Chances are, you might still get this feeling if it is your first time attending Taylor’s concert. The loud music and dancing can get to you. You’re letting out a lot of energy dancing already. Think of having a cup of beer or two while at it.

You’ll feel numb for a couple of minutes, and then get back to normal. And when that happens, the euphoric and hankering feelings kick in all over again.


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