T.H.E Interview – RIOT

Monstercat veterans RIOT introduced their most epic project to date, the storyline-based, immersive sonic journey known as “Dogma Resistance.”

We caught up with the duo to understand how the album came about.

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How has 2019 been for you overall?

RIOT – 2019 has been a blast we have done a full 25 city headline tour, have an upcoming show at ExchangeLA which is huge for us and are currently on a 21 city run with Monstercat.

T.H.E – We love your new album – Dogma Resistance. How did the name come about?

RIOT – Dogma Resistance is an album that symbolizes the Resistance against the machine in different periods of time with different groups of civilizations in birth of different dimensions

T.H.E – How long was it in the works? What was the moment that made you realize that the album is ready to be shared with the world?

RIOT – We conceptualized this album 2 years ago, we believed we could make it work every day since. It was grueling but we knew we could get it done, something that no one in electronic music has done yet, which is a create a continuous mix on an album using interludes and outros for songs, telling a story and giving the listener a journey.

T.H.E – The story is pretty interesting. It brings to life the story of Raymond Colt and his descendants in a fusion of past and future. How did you guys choose this narrative?

RIOT – We actually chose the company HERO to help write the narrative. We had the idea and outline of what we wanted, the characters we wanted but HERO really help turn ideas into a reality. The names in the comic book have correlations to real-life people we know and love!

T.H.E – How difficult was it to produce an album, like different tracks, but together, forming a single narrative? There are 10 tracks on it, so were there more that didn’t make the cut?

RIOT – There was definitely more, about 3-4 songs that we just felt did not meet the standards and the storyline of what we were trying to do with Dogma Resistance. But maybe you’ll get to hear them in the future from a different angle 😉

T.H.E – What are your plans for 2020?

RIOT – Take over one day at a time, time to start a RIOT INDIA!

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