5 Reasons Why You Should Be Attending Fields Of Love Music Festival This Week!

fields of love hyderabad festival

Fields of Love Music Festival is just around the corner and it’s time to get running!

Touted to be a festival by the people of Hyderabad for folks all around. The multi-genre and multi-stage festival is back for its third edition after two successful ones. If you still aren’t convinced to attend this one, we list down five reasons as to why you should cover it.

Hyderabad’s own music evolution

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Fields of Love’ is a unique concept of bringing together the unified love for music amongst all DJs/ producers/ music enthusiasts in Hyderabad. It is a conjunction of love for music, from different artists for the people of the city. Taking place at one of the most reputed clubs in the city: Prism Club and Kitchen, it is an experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.


fields of love hyderabad festival lineup

Over 20 of the finest artists will be in the line-up across two stages i.e. Electronica and Hip-Hop.

The Electronica stage plays hosts to Jerome Isma-Ae and Grum, whose knowledge of a music producer, signature sounds and deep knowledge of a dance floor have become entire styles unto themselves. It will be interesting to watch what the Anjunadeep stalwart – Grum and the popular progressive house music producer Jerome Isma-Ae will play. Joining these biggies on the Electronica stage will be the founder of Fields of Love Music Festival and Zephyr Music Records – FALKO 33, techno diva Ayesha Pramanik, GAR, NDR8, BLITHE and DJ rabz. AlphaSonic75, live visual jockey will be on visual duties, creating trippy vibes all around the magnifique venue. The second stage that is the ‘Hip-Hop Stage’ by the poolside of the club will have city’s favourites – DJ Kan-i, winner of the most prestigious award for the ‘Best Hip-Hop’ DJ in India and DJ Ivan Nilkon, one of the revolutionaries in the Old School Hip-Hop genre. Joining them in the lineup will be Abi Jacob, Boh!B, DJ Gl, Flypsyd, Siddie Boy, MC Venom, and Live Rapper, Street Violater.

Multiple genres

The festival is not restricted to one genre of music. This year, the festival focuses on Electronic music and Hip Hop, with some very reputed acts taking the centre stage. It showcases multiple genres including live rapping at the Hip-Hop stage. All-day long, one can always go and discover something new at either of the stages.

Flea Market

fields of love hyderabad festival flea market

If the FOMO hasn’t kicked in yet, then, in addition, everything mentioned above, there is a flea market for those who want to take a ‘retail therapy’ break in between shuffling from one stage to the other. The flea market will be filled with stalls for food, clothing & accessories and rejuvenation. If you feel like taking a break from shuffling and hustling, head to this space, sit back and relax with a chilled beverage in your hand, the flea market is the place to be!

Music Workshop

fields of love festival hyderabad

Alongside having a great time at the festival, one can also come to learn and interact with the industry folks in the music workshops hosted by them. The founder of the festival: Phalguna Somraj also believes that it is important to encourage and educate those who are keen in learning about music production, for which; there is a music workshop that will be hosted with stalwarts – Aaryan (Aryan Sharma) and GAR (George Anthony Rai). If you are interested in the business of the music industry, this is something you should attend. This is a great place if you are considering DJing or music production as your profession, and want to network and learn from minds alike.

Altogether, this is one music festival you definitely don’t want to miss. Happening this Sunday, 22nd September, 2019, you should round up your gang and head to Fields of Love.

Grab your tickets here.

Shivani Murthy


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