Best Online Music Courses to Try Out Right Now

Best Online Music Courses

There are many online courses, both free and paid, available on the web.

Choosing one that suits you may prove to be a challenging task. Fortunately, the article below comprises a list of the top online music classes you can try out right now.

There are different people, all of whom are at different music comprehension levels, including beginners, intermediates, and professionals. Whatever the case is, the list below is suitable for all enthusiasts who would like to understand the dynamics behind the music.

Introduction to Music Production

This free course from Berklee explores the art of production, including making records that people will fancy listening to. Not only that, this class is entirely available online and teaches students how to record on just about all recording equipment, including household gadgets such as laptops and smartphones.

Based on the reviews, the classes are incredibly easy to take. Additionally, it is convenient as it only takes 4 hours per week and takes approximately 13 hours to complete. You even get a certificate upon completion.

Developing Your Musicianship Specialization

Like the production course, the musicianship specialization tutoring from Varsity Tutors is a great option to enrol online. While Varsity Tutors prices vary, you can easily find yourself a good and professional tutor for a good price. It enables students to learn the fundamentals of music theory and skills, which are relatively significant.

By the end of the tutoring, you will have learned how to aurally identify chords and their progressions, intervals, and other music theory related facets. The tutors are available online and can take approximately five-six months to be ready, upon which you will be able to start doing it yourself.

Songwriting Course

According to guru Pat Pattison, this course is designed to bring out the songwriting capabilities. This online course has a more than average rating from many people worldwide, taught by the man himself.

The valuable insights that the course provides will leave you with a different view of songwriting and poetry, unlocking your songwriting potential. The course itself is free, but you will need to part with some money to get your certificate upon completion.

Complete Guitar System- Beginner to Advanced

There are many benefits to playing musical instruments such as guitars, and this course will help you unlock them. This paid course from Udemy helps students learn all the fundamentals of playing the guitars with a proven step by the step learning system. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced guitarist, this course will help you sharpen your guitar skills.

For this course, you will need a guitar. Additionally, you cannot afford to miss practice. Udemy promises a 30-day money-back guarantee should you feel as if the course is redundant.

Electronic Music Production

There are tons of electronic music production classes available online. However, one that you should consider is deadmau5’s online master class, electronic music production. EDM fans know him for his music ascension without friends or contacts in the industry. Also, his music is original and authentic.

What better way to learn this course than from an EDM living legend? Also known as Joel Zimmerman, his online class is not free, but there is a 30-day free trial. Deadmau5’s online EDM production is one of many that allows students to learn to make original music without spending a fortune on equipment and gear.

If you are unsure about the course, consider reading the online deadmau5 MasterClass review. Not only will this help you make an informed decision regarding the classes, but it will shed some valuable insights that will put your mind at ease.

Final Remarks

There is no denying the influence of music, especially for college students. There are a lot of music and acting classes online from online colleges. Nailing down a worthwhile class is challenging than it might look. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of lessons suitable for music enthusiasts of levels. Sign up for any of the above classes and try your hand in online music learning.


  1. I think it’s better to try free courses at first. It is important to understand it is a real interest or just a short-term hobby. Music is my life; I can’t imagine my day without it. Sometimes I also write some content for thus I combine my passion and help students with useful materials. It’s interesting to survey some topics, especially music history.


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