Here’s what fans in India have to say to DJ Snake


There’s something in the water there, that the French cannot stop churning out dance music experts from their midst, with an almost constant trajectory. DJ Snake, raised in the ghetto himself, started out as a graffiti artist, gaining his moniker ‘Snake’ in his early years.

He’s been strongly held responsible for pioneering the highly popular ‘trap’ sound amongst his peers, with finely crafted and unique productions, leading to what we see as the most popular record of 2015 to his name. Having already raised the bar with his collaborations with Alesia, AlunaGeorge and Dillon Francis to name a few, following his smash hit, ‘Turn Down For What’, we could only imagine he was poised for bigger and better.

There’s not much you’d expect him to accomplish after ‘Lean On’, having already smashed all the charts and broken half a dozen records. But we can only hope to see a lot more coming from him, and we are particularly excited to see how he mesmerises the crowds here, in India.

We caught up with a bunch of fans to hear their views and voice their messages to DJ Snake himself, and here’s what they had to say!

1. Yash Kharote


DJ Snake, it is such an honour to have you here in India. And also in my city Mumbai. I have followed you since 2 years now, listening to your every song and every live set there is online. Not only do you know the art of production, you also know how to handle the crowd when you’re on the stage which is a skill to be admired.You may have seen big crowds at Ultra, but India will give you the love and passion which isn’t given by all crowds. I hope you have a great tour in India. I’ll be there witnessing you Live @Sunburn Festival in Mumbai on the 13th. Lots of love from me and all the supporters here in India.

2. Karan Kanchan

Karan Kanchan

“We have been waiting for this from a long time, Im sure you will get the answer to “turn down for what?” in India. Hope you take back a great experience and be our regular guest!

3. Mehul Baria

Mehul Baria

Namaste from India (Mumbai), big fan of you.. Really excited to see you.. I have seen your UMF Miami set multiple and I listen to your songs daily. I even used to wake up early everyday to see your video of your song, ‘Lean On’ on Vh1 channel. I am planning to make a big poster of you for Sunburn festival, Mumbai. Lots of love and see you soon!

4. Sharon Fernandes

Sharon Fernandes

“DJ Snake has become a popular artist now and my love for him has also increased. The music he produces can make anybody groove without a question of doubt. He is so recognizable now that even kids in my area dance their heart out when his songs plays on. :P Also, he has been my favorite ever since. Can’t wait to see him play live in my city” :)

5. Bhavesh Motwani

Bhawesh Motwani

“Was waiting for a long time for you to come to India, “Lets Get Low” with your music, which is the best across the globe!”

6. Omkar Dixit

Omkar Dixit

“DJ Snake, you are one of the most unique DJs ever! Your music is out of box and its always a pleasure to hear your new tracks.!” ????

7. Premal Beknalkar


“I hope & badly wish to meet you in Mumbai… I want to cut my B’dae cake with you. It’s my 21st B’dae & celebrating it with you would be my dream come true. I have a lot of things made by me for you and give all my love to you. I am eagerly waiting for you to come to India, Mumbai and I think I might faint as well. I am that crazy fan of you. I also want to do the lean on step with you. Omg! My list will be never ending. Anyways, see you on 13th November in India, Mumbai.”

8. Roshan Gurbuxani

Roshan Gurubuxani

“I’ve been listening to your songs since 2014 to be honest. I have waited for your India tour since last year. I saw the news about the car accident. I was really touched with that incident and When I got to know that you might not come to India. I was into pieces. I really want to meet you once in my life. I admire you Sir. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. I love you and your music and please take care. I wish I could meet you in person and click a picture with you. Thank you so much for coming to Our Country. India Loves you. Jai Hind.”

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