Our Team Remembers Avicii On His Third Death Anniversary

avicii death anniversary 2021

Avicii Death Anniversary 2021

April 20, 2018, will forever remain a tainted day in the history of dance music.

It’s been two years but feels like an eternity since we lost the legend, Avicii. While we can say it felt unreal celebrating his life a year ago, it pretty much still feels surreal.

When we as a team discussed how we would like to celebrate his legacy, we thought what better way than through his music? It was rightly said that Avicii’s legacy may have begun in 1989 but it will last forever. Each T.H.E – Music Essentials team member picked an Avicii song that resonates with them the most and here are our picks and the reason behind each of them.

Akshay Bhanawat: Avicii – S.O.S

While this track came after his unfortunate death, I am choosing this, since the monumental impact it has had in terms of encouraging people to talk about their problems, and not just keep them inside, can’t be understated. It’s been so encouraging to see artists come out and talk.

Khushrav Bhada: Avicii feat. Audra Mae – Feeling Good

From all of Avicii’s music, this track still seems to be my go-to when I’m in the mood for something relaxing and nostalgic. Audra Mae’s vocal’s and Avicii’s relaxed take on this classic is the perfect mixture to get you into the mood. In one sentence, this track literally makes me ‘feel good’.

Aditya Malve: Avicii – Levels

I’d like to pick Levels by Avicii, One of the first EDM tracks I’ve ever heard & It’ll be one of the greatest EDM hits. Released in 2011, still sounds fresh.

Melody Siganporia: Avicii – Wake Me Up

With the soulful vocals of Aloe Blacc, the song was first heard on the Ultra Music Festival Mainstage in Miami back in 2013. This new EDM meets country sound was fused together with perfection, but while it was welcomed by many, others seemed skeptical. The song went on to eventually become a summer anthem and resonate with all in time, more than ever after his passing.

The chorus goes “So wake me up when it’s all over, When I’m wiser and I’m older, All this time I was finding myself, And I didn’t know I was lost.” After his passing, the lyrics of this song hold a much deeper meaning to understanding the legend and his trying times. And right now in our current situation amidst this global pandemic, I can’t help but echo these feelings. Can someone “Wake me up with it’s all over” please?

Sagar Deshmukh and Valarie Morris: Avicii – Fade Into Darkness

Sagar Deshmukh – It was difficult to single out a track because Avicii had numerous tracks that smashed the charts, but if I had to pick one Avicii track that’s close to my heart, it would be “Fade Into Darkness”. I think it perfectly sums up the situation we are in as a human race. The melody of the track carries an inherent sadness to it, but there’s a joy to be found in the careful expression and emotive power of the vocals.

“Why worry now, You’ll be safe
Hold my hand, Just in case
And we won’t fade into darkness”

And it’s exactly what we need to do right now. Look after each other, be together and fight this situation as one. Rest In Paradise, Legend!

Valarie – After surviving a horrendously monumental wildfire in the state of Arizona in 2011, this track was hugely helpful in keeping the faith that we will be okay, as long as we keep the faith.

Yamini Iyengar: Avicii – Hey Brother

“Hey Brother” was one of the first tracks of Avicii I had listened to when I first started discovering the EDM scene. I love the guitar and those soulful vocals combined with Avicii’s artistic sound. The lyrics bring about a very nostalgic feel about home, and I love the message they hold – respecting the fighters who stand on the borders selflessly to protect their nation. It’ll always be one of my favorite tracks of Avicii.

Ranjiv Asher: Avicii & David Guetta – Sunshine

Many of you may not be aware but ‘Sunshine’ is a collaboration between the French DJ/producer David Guetta and Avicii, which was produced back in 2011. The synth-heavy elements and the uplifting melody make it one of our favorite Avicii tracks. The versatile nature of the tune made it feature in multiple mashups, and one of our favorites being ‘Sunshine v/s Spectrum‘.

Shivani Murthy: Avicii & Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One

The primary character is a normal woman who has her standard employment, her standard daily schedule, and her standard grievances with life. A vivid dream sequence offers her a break, where she out of nowhere is surrounded by food, men, sex and all the possible debauchery she could possibly wish for, sans the judgment and the critical comments from anyone, giving her an insight into her “wild side” that she never possibly was aware of. It is this whirlwind of an experience and satisfaction at that very instant that prompts her to have better standards of herself, her life and also teaches her not to give a second thought to anyone that pulls her down.

Though it may seem like a very average video, it takes you through the range of emotion that she goes through. The transition of her character is extremely relatable and is also pretty amusing to watch. Moreover, the beauty of the video lays in the fact that post her entire outrage, she runs out of the office only to get knocked over by a car, so we never really get to see if she lives even a fraction of the dream sequence she imagined, leaving it very open-ended and out there for one to interpret for themselves.

I personally for one really enjoyed the music video because of it’s the elaborate plotline, a tinge of reality in the form of what she faces and also the fact that despite being touching upon a topic that isn’t essentially pleasant, it’s very light-hearted and even partially amusing.

Mohana Murali Krishna and Payod Londhe: Avicii – Waiting For Love

Krishna – Apart from having wholesome vocals which was very rarely found in a dance track back then, the record carried neat arrangements with a light and friendly audio design making it a track that you can keep listening to on loop. The track is also family-friendly and danceable at the same time.

Payod – The only Avicii song that I heard & loved before switching completely to hardstyle was “Waiting for Love”. Sometimes I still get back to this song when I want something to calm & refresh my mind. The melody and heart touching vocals are two of the best features of this song that I still love and enjoy the most. I still go back to those old Tomorrowland videos so I can watch him play this song.

Nora: Avicii ft. Sandro Cavazza – Without You

Hard to pinpoint why, but this one is a very emotional song for me, as it reminds me of my dad.

Vriggie Gordillo: Avicii – Nights

I like how it tells you to live life to the fullest, to love yourself and enjoy it. It also reminds me of my Grandpa, since he shared a similar spirit.

Which song by Avicii do you relate to the most? Let us know below!

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