Tips For Singles: What Music Should You Choose For A Romantic First Date

first date music playlist

When it comes to the first date with a potential partner, you want everything to be perfect. The lighting has to just right. The setting should be picturesque.

You should have something fun planned for the two of you. However, one thing many people overlook is the impact music can have on proceedings. If you want to make your first date truly memorable and romantic, you should think about picking the right songs.

Where can you meet a single guy?

If you want to chat with single guys who know a thing or two about music, you may want to visit a reputable dating site. These are the best places to find people who share similar interests as yourself.

If you want to get specific, you could search for dating sites that cater to people with a passion for music, but you can just as easily meet many music-minded heartthrobs on the mainstream sites too.

If you want our advice, be forthcoming in your profile information. Let other guys know that you have an interest in music, and they may start the conversation by talking about their favorite genres and bands

Music is a great icebreaker. If you are stuck for things to say, talking about songs in the charts or the last gig you attended is a great way to get back on track and learn more about each other.

Music connects people: Why not date a single guitarist?

If somebody has an interest in music or playing a musical instrument, it demonstrates two things: passion and commitment.

A shared passion is almost a guarantee that your relationship will be successful. For one, you’ll have a lot to talk about straight away. Your passions will give you more opportunities for days out that you will both enjoy.

There’s nothing worse than being with somebody who gets bored whenever you talk about your interests or drag them to see a band they hate. You won’t have this problem if you decide to date an open-minded musician.

You’ll also find that dating a musician (like a single guitarist or drummer) means you’ll be spending somebody who is committed to things. You don’t want to be with somebody who flakes out all the time, that’s for sure! Plus, being a musician means your boyfriend is more likely to be smarter as well.

Ready for the first date? Choose the right songs!

If you are going on a first date that gives you some control over the music for the evening, make sure you include some bonafide romantic classics on the playlist to set the mood. We recommend the following songs:

● I’m on Fire – Bruce Springsteen

This is a sexy song without being explicit. The Boss sings about his unbridled lust for a woman who he knows he shouldn’t have but wants anyway. If you want to set a subtle yet fiery mood, this should do the trick quite nicely.

● I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Is there anything more romantic than telling somebody that you are theirs completely? If you can’t put it into words yourself, let Jason Mraz do the talking as you settle in for an intimate snuggle with your date.

● These Arms of Mine – Otis Redding

One of the most passionate songs of all time, Otis Redding serenades the listener with his attempt to end loneliness and be back with the person he loves. “These arms of mine, they long to hold you” he sings.

We hope our article has been of some use to you. Hopefully, we’ve given you some food for thought when it comes to choosing the right music for your date. Remember, music is like food for the soul. Embrace it on your next romantic adventure!


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