What Type Of Music Is Best Played While Gambling Online?

what type of music best played while gambling online

Playing games at an online casino is entertaining in its own right, but it’s also easy to get tired of the same old soundtrack samples looping again and again while you are spinning the reels of a slot.

And if poker or blackjack is more your speed, then it’s unlikely that their online incarnations will have any kind of musical accompaniment whatsoever.

So what genres of music lend themselves well to sessions of serious online gambling? Here are a few ideas to spice up your personal casino playlist.

Listen to gambling-inspired ditties

Because gambling has been around for thousands of years, it’s no surprise that it has also inspired a whole host of songwriters to come up with catchy tracks that are all about games of chance.

From classic catchy songs about poker like Ace of Spades by Motorhead to more recent hits like Poker Face by Lady Gaga, there are tons of thematically appropriate releases out there which will get you in the mood for gambling.

Obviously, because gambling-inspired songs don’t fall into the same genres, this can make your playlist a little erratic as it veers from country to pop to hard rock.

The solution is to use whichever genre most chimes with your personal taste as the foundation and build the rest of the list around this, rather than tossing every casino-themed song together and hoping for the best.

Pick something ambient

If you are a casual online gambler, then you probably don’t mind listening to music that has lyrics and earworm melodies, dividing your attention to a degree. Of course if you are an aspiring online poker pro, then you probably want to make sure your focus isn’t disrupted by the warbling of an overpaid pop star, or the riffs of a rad guitarist.

Should you fall into this second camp, then listening to ambient music which is designed to create a backdrop for other activities, rather than overwhelming you, will be wise.

There are all sorts of amazing ambient artists out there, from old favorites like Brian Eno to Aphex Twin beyond.

Treat your ears to some hip hop

If any musical genre has embraced gambling as part of its culture and ethos, it has to be hip hop. Rappers have been talking about gambling for decades, both in terms of literal games of chance played on the mean streets of the neighborhoods they grew up in, and more generally in terms of the risk-taking lifestyles that they’ve led to get where they are today.

Whether you’re looking for some old-school boom-bap, or you prefer the trap tracks that have been dominant for the past few years, hip hop has so much to offer beyond the mainstream radio hits you’ve probably heard a thousand times.

If you don’t know where to start, it’s always a good idea to fire up a service like Spotify and look for the most popular hip hop playlists. This will let you discover new artists, and also save you the hassle of building a playlist yourself.

Try a podcast

This might be a leftfield choice, but podcasts are a great accompaniment to online gambling, especially if you are indulging in a less skill-based experience, such as playing a slot machine.

There are plenty of podcasts to grab your attention, from true crime titans to comedy talk shows and so forth. You almost certainly already have a favorite podcast that you are a fan of, so why not pop on the latest episode the next time you decide to visit an online casino?


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