Rootkit releases the perfect gaming track – Oh You

The time to treat ourselves to a line of gaming tracks has just begun. Rootkit releases a brand new track on the Rocketleague X Monstercat Vol. 5 album, marking the second release of the album. This track comes after the first release of the album “Badlands” by Rogue.

The Norwegian producer Rootkit is changing the way we look at young musicians. While we assume that any teenager achieving success before their twenties must have had a serious musical background, Rootkit or better known by his friends as Kashif is virtually self-taught. After tinkering on programs such as FL Studios and Ableton, Rootkit eventually solidified his sound into something that can only really be described as energetic and melodic while cutting out much of the cheesiness that is beginning to take over the dance music scene.As a talented musician who was aware of his potential knew that he had the ability to shape his career by his standards, which is why he claims that he chose to start out on Monstercat. And although it took multiple submissions for him to craft a Monstercat worthy track, Rootkiteventually released both “Do It” and “Too Late” on the label. And although he may be young, the Scandinavian is wise between the ears; citing that the support Monstercat gives in everything from promotion to graphics and mentoring as the reasons for working with us first.With such a profound understanding of music and a very mature head on his young shoulders, expect big things from young Rootkit.

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