T.H.E Interview – Anna Reusch

Anna Reusch Interview

Anna Reusch Interview:

Determined, loving life and fiercely self-reliant, Anna Reusch is on a path of creative success, taking on the world lovingly, on her own terms.

We caught up with her to speak about how it all started, and what she loves the most about techno and DJing.

T.H.E – Hey Anna! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. What have you been up to, especially during the lockdown?

Anna Reusch – Hi, thanks for having me. I consciously use the time to go on vacation for the most part. I have worked on so many construction sites on the farm at home. But I also did sometimes a live stream, a new set, it doesn’t work completely without music.

T.H.E – You were inclined towards music from a very young age, with your father also playing in bands. What made you choose techno as your forte?

Anna Reusch – Because of the culture. I simply felt most comfortable in the midst of ravers. I actually hear every kind of music but switch off properly, let myself drift, feel good, that only works with techno and in the midst of ravers. My father was very sad about that haha. He always said that techno is not handmade music. As you can see it didn’t change my mind.

T.H.E – The story of the night when you decided to become a DJ is very, very interesting. Could you define the impact that it has had on you?

Anna Reusch – The biggest impact was probably that a random night sparked a passion that determined my life so far. Almost sounds like I’m writing about the love of my life. Maybe that’s it :)

T.H.E – What is it about DJing and techno that you love the most?

Anna Reusch – In addition to the culture, all the simplicity. It doesn’t take much, a dark room, rich bass, no fancy outfit, just yourself, no matter who you are or what you can do. Everything doesn’t matter. If a girlfriend accompanies me who actually has nothing to do with techno, they are always happy to see how nice and kind everyone is, you will not be jostled. I love being a DJ because I can just play my favourite songs out loud midst the happening.

T.H.E – If not for a DJ, what would Anna Reusch have grown up to become?

Anna Reusch – I always said: “I stop being a DJ when I know what I want to be.” as you can see I’m still a DJ :) Really don’t know what I should do without music. I have a university entrance qualification, I have studied twice, have completed an apprenticeship. But until today I couldn’t find anything that was more fun or better.

T.H.E – Tell us about your new EP, “Come With Me”. How did it come about?

Anna Reusch – I am very lucky that I can send all tracks to Tronic first and that we have a relaxed working relationship. I work with Dave Robertson and the last time I was in the studio with him, I wanted to do a mixed EP. A peak-time track, one that always works, and a dark stripped club banger. Fortunately, the EP did a good job. Tronic also liked it, which I was very happy about.

T.H.E – Lastly, name 5 techno DJs that are your absolute favourites.

Anna Reusch –

Mathias Kaden, he is incredibly nice and a great dancer.
Reinier Zonneveld – great live act and enviable endurance!
Christian Smith – great hand with the track selection.
Sam Paganini – super empathetic and down to earth.
Karotte – Peter can serve and record every situation.


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