2GEN release a techno masterpiece – NDRGRND


Father and son duo, 2GEN, are in for a good year! The beginning of 2018 saw the launch of their own label – HUO Records. And of course, the first track to be released on the label had to be one of their own.

NDRGRND is produced by 2GEN and the legendary Julio Posadas. The track is a tidy and groovy techno track that definitely sets a high benchmark for all upcoming releases on the label.

The beat of NDRGRND is rambunctious and remains in your head long after you listen to it. The track is a clear sign of what the label wants to be, a quality reference in underground music.

This one is very different from some of the duo’s earlier tracks as you see them delving into a different zone with techno music. The track gives the listener the trademark techno vibe which gets people dancing on the floor. At 124 BPM, the track is not essentially banging and doesn’t ram itself onto you. It has a very pumped up yet a groovy and chilled out vibe which is what we enjoyed the most about it.

Avid techno fans should surely give it a listen and add it to your collection. This is one track that you will hear quite often as an opener in many sets as it does set the tone right for the rest of the night!

After a massive first from the duo, we can’t wait to hear the next one from them!

Download it here.

Shivani Murthy

Shivani Murthy

Trance Enthusiast. Making people give trance a chance.
Shivani Murthy

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