Producer & Composer Aether Releases Ethereal Drum & Bass Single “Airborne”

aether airborne

After making his Monstercat debut last year, Scottish producer and composer Aether returned to the label today with his soothing drum and bass single, “Airborne.”

After being diagnosed with a rare visual impairment, Retinitis Pigmentosa, at a young age, the talented artist has since channeled his experiences and emotions into making music, using it as a form of therapy.

Aether’s unique production skills are on full display as the warm chords, atmospheric pads, and floating vocals bring a distinctly different take on drum & bass. A simultaneously solemn and uplifting track, “Airborne” is a reminder that good things can come from personal growth.

Aether shares, “‘Airborne’ is about climbing to new personal heights, whether it be applying for that job you’ve always wanted, or taking a gap year to travel the world, even if you feel like you’re on your own during the path. There are always lessons to be learned and experiences to be lived. Musically, it takes a melancholic vocal line saying the words ‘Airborne, feeling so alone’ and blends it with racing upbeat melodies to give a sense of hope and purpose.”

After years of producing music while legally blind, Aether has developed innovative ways to utilize new resources and tools. By scaling up the UI on his computer and programming FL Studio to verbalize the buttons on-screen, he continues to advance his sound despite the steady deterioration of his vision. In addition to his background in production, Aether has composed multiple soundtracks for video games including The Game Awards-nominated title, “Röki,” as well as celebrated OSTs for “osu!” and “Kingdoms & Castles.”


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