AK Accepts The Beauty In Life’s Flaws With His New Album ‘Imperfections’

ak imperfections

Following an array of enchanting singles throughout the first half of 2022, AK is seeing the beauty in the imperfect with his 12 track album ‘Imperfections’, his debut album release on San Holo’s bitbird.

The project is an homage to the irregularities of nature and life and just how magical they can be.

‘Imperfections’ carries the message of realising that nothing and nobody is perfect, and that is simply the way the world works. “Nobody is perfect and life is just a chain of mistakes we learn from, and then hopefully don’t repeat”.

AK encompasses this, and wants to highlight the ideas of living in the present and spending time with people that mean something to him. This is a feeling that speaks to many of us, within this expressive and captivating album.

This expressive theme is echoed within the visual side of the project. His inspiration for these visuals was the photographs that have now become the artwork for the release. He had discovered a collection of vacation photographs that his grandparents had taken and knew that these needed to be brought to life through his work.

“I chose to incorporate my grandma’s photos in the artwork for the project because I thought they were way too beautiful not to be seen! They had just been sitting in my grandparents’ basement for the past couple of years until she showed them to me recently. I think the photos also reflect the album’s theme of beautiful imperfections very well because they were taken on simple point-and-shoot cameras on film, but they still turned out so pretty.“

The focus track of the release, “Tiny Molecules of Water”, was inspired by the tiny droplets of water that form on the window of a high speed train when it rains. The idea began when AK was on the train back from Dresden, Germany, which interlinks with one of the messages behind the release of “accepting that life is a journey”. This upbeat and mindful concept is echoed within the track’s delicate yet energetic rhythms.

AK has already begun to make quite a name for himself within the electronic music sphere, garnering radio coverage from BBC Radio 1, Triple J and landing a sync placement for the Rocket League video game. His tracks have also reached peaks of popularity through social media with TikTok creators @discovery, @neil.degrasse, @beautifuldestinations and @djiglobal showcasing his music, as well as Sydney Sweeney and Justin Bieber featuring his tracks on their Instagram reels.

In addition to this success, AK has accumulated an impressive stack of instruments including a Eurorack modular rig, Korg Minilogue XD, Teenage Engineering OP-1 and over 30 more pieces of hardware which MusicTech deemed “prime for ambient dreamscapes.”

‘Imperfections’ is an album with a selection of heartfelt messages behind each track, made to let AK’s audience connect with his sound and themes throughout the album. Following AK’s developing success in the industry, it’s likely the album will have people listening intently, resonating with the ideas of acceptance, mindfulness and the perfection within the imperfect.


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