Alan Fitzpatrick, Todd Terry, Eli Brown And More Join Forces For Bassix Album

bassix album

Fresh off the back of selling out their 25th anniversary weekender, Tidy are firing on all four cylinders with an onslaught of new activity.

Up next on their hefty release schedule is Bassix, a 34 track, 2 mix compilation album featuring Alan Fitzpatrick, Todd Terry, Eli Brown, Tuff London, Tall Paul and many other of the biggest names in the business. Curated and mixed by Untidy’s own Sam Townend, it lands digitally on the 23rd April.

Showcasing the relaunch of Untidy and the emerging sound of harder house, 15 tracks are exclusive to the album, all of which will be released as full length, DJ friendly tracks ready for the reopening of dancefloors around the world. As well as including remixes of Tidy classics such as Untidy Dubs’ ‘Funky Groove,’ which just received multiple spins from Pete Tong and Danny Howard on Radio 1, each mix features the likes of Sorley, Josh Butler and Sam Townend himself, who said:

“We’re getting sent that much new music that we wanted to release a compilation that was a showcase for the sound and all the new talent and producers that are making the tracks, alongside some of the most established acts that have made and released tracks with this style in recent times.”
Another statement of intent from Tidy HQ, who are reworking older Tidy releases, reshaping the sound and reinstating the label to introduce the brand to a new young audience. In fact, Nicole Moudaber, Max Chapman, Piero Pirupa, David Rust, Jacky, Denney, Sam Divine and Matt Smallwood are amongst some of the names in the release schedule in the coming months. Diversifying Tidy’s sound is very much part of its future plans, and they’re kicking it off with Bassix.

The Harder Sound Of House is:


1. Olive Grooves – Pitchbend Groove (Townend’s Bendy Remix)
2. Untidy Dubs – Funky Groove (Sorley Remix)
3. Todd Terry – Raw Shittt
4. Babushka & Base 22 – Try Anything Once
5. Satellite Kidz – Time 4 House (Zander Club Remix)
6. Lee Pasch – Bass Playaz
7. Sam Townend – Lip Reader
8. Drew Dabble – What Ya Saying
9. Trauma – Higher (Josh Butler Remix)
10. Mark Butcher – Lick It
11. Temple Of Boom – Beat Down
12. Sam Townend – Holy Geezus
13. UK Gold – Cuz The House Gets Warm (Rawkus Remix)
14. Jas Van Houten – Gimme Pouwa (CDC Remix)
15. Under Groove – Yeah Yeah
16. Andy Naylor – Funky Pills
17. Jas Van Houten – Movin’ On (Untidy Dub)


1. Eli Brown – Legion
2. Tuff London – So Restless
3. Mata leão – The Rumbler
4. Tall Paul – Burn Up
5. Jas Van Houten – Square 1
6. Sam Townend – Breath Work
7. Alan Fitzpatrick & Wheats – M27
8. Whomp Bat – The Vision
9. De La Riva – Dance Like You Don’t Care
10. Zander Club – Spank The House
11. Sam Townend – Where Did You Get That Picture?
12. ZAW – Want You
13. Under Groove – When I Jack
14. Ross Homson – Spill The Tea
15. Hayz & Rick James – Sensational
16. Adam M & Abandon – Making Bass From Hoover
17. Sam Townend – What Time Is Love (LEVEL8 Remix)


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