Alfiya Glow Presents Guestmix Of Her Favorite Tracks

alfiya glow guestmix

Alfiya Glow, a rising star in the chill electronic music scene, has curated a stunning mix that takes listeners on a serene journey through ambient soundscapes and mellow beats.

Known for her ability to craft tranquil and reflective music, Alfiya Glow has handpicked tracks that resonate with her unique style, offering an immersive auditory experience.

Listeners should tune into this mix for several reasons. Firstly, Alfiya Glow’s expert curation ensures a seamless and cohesive listening experience. Her deep understanding of ambient and chill electronic music is evident in the way the tracks flow together, creating a calming atmosphere from start to finish. Secondly, the mix features a variety of artists and tracks that blend different elements of chill electronic music, providing a rich and diverse soundscape that keeps listeners engaged. Finally, each track is carefully chosen to evoke specific emotions and states of mind, guiding listeners through a journey of relaxation, introspection, and tranquility.

The mix opens with “Softly” by Anto’s Mars, a gentle track that envelops listeners in soothing melodies, setting the perfect tone. It transitions smoothly into “Fire” by Sons Of Maria, which maintains a calming yet engaging atmosphere with its mellow beats and subtle energy. At 6:05, Alfiya Glow’s own track, “Peaceful Chaos,” enters, showcasing her signature blend of serenity and complexity, where tranquil sounds meet intricate rhythms.

Following this, “Paradise” by Synthea takes listeners to a blissful state with its lush soundscapes and ethereal vibes. “Zeit” by JAS1X offers a balance of deep basslines and ambient overtones, creating a meditative mood. “See” by Habitatt brings a sense of clarity and peacefulness with its melodic structure and soothing progression.

The journey continues with “Between Clouds” by Brian David, a track with airy melodies and gentle beats that evoke a sense of lightness and freedom. Gorje Hewek and Volen Sentir’s “Ghosts (Blurredub)” follows, blending atmospheric sounds and deep rhythms to create a hauntingly beautiful experience. “The Outsider (Colyn Palapas Extended Mix)” by Cubicolor offers a profound auditory experience, blending deep house elements with a contemplative ambiance.

As the mix progresses, “Interconnect” by Luciano F and Cimmerian brings a rhythmic depth with its seamless blend of melodic and ambient elements. “An Imaginary Friend” by Passenger 10 continues the journey with its ethereal tones and calming melodies. The mix concludes with BT’s “Time Moves So Fast (PROFF & Volen Sentir’s Timestop Extended Remix),” a track that beautifully encapsulates the essence of time and tranquility.

Alfiya Glow’s curated mix is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a carefully crafted journey that invites listeners to escape into a world of serene and reflective soundscapes.


0:00 1. Anto’s Mars – Softly [Enormous Chills]
2:19 2. Sons Of Maria – Fire [Enormous Chills]
6:05 3. Alfiya Glow – Peaceful Chaos [Enormous Chills]
11:43 4. Synthea – Paradise [Enormous Chills]
16:45 5. JAS1X – Zeit [Sekora]
21:35 6. Habitatt – See [Purified Records]
26:30 7. Brian David – Between Clouds [Elebated Records]
32:20 8. Gorje Hewek, Volen Sentir – Ghosts (Blurredub) [Shanti Radio]
37:03 9. Cubicolor – The Outsider (Colyn Palapas Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
43:53 10. Luciano F, Cimmerian – Interconnect [Purified Records]
49:31 11. Passenger 10 – An Imaginary Friend [Enormous Tunes]
53:15 12. BT – Time Moves So Fast (PROFF & Volen Sentir’s Timestop Extended Remix [Monstercat]

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