American duo Break Science unveil their album ‘Grid of Souls’


Brooklyn duo Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee, aka Break Science, have unveiled their brand new self release ‘Grid of Souls’, a dynamic and eclectic 10-track LP showcasing their full and diverse sonic range out 9th March.

Kicking things off with powerful vocals courtesy of Raquel Rodriguez in their synth-driven production ‘Cruise Control’, Break Science fuse generations of New York’s rich musical legacy with their own deep-rooted connection to hip-hop heritage. Displaying heavier bass and trap vibes on ‘Guiding Light’, the duo offer a more rhythmic take on ‘Light Shine Down’, a track tinged by influences from 80’s electronica and synth-wave sounds.

Raised and influenced by the rhythm and culture of New York City, the pair merge their production styles seamlessly, creating a refreshingly original take on electronic music.

Currently in the midst of a 5-date US Tour, featuring production by Lazer Shark, Break Science’s live show transcends expectations with Lee’s seasoned trip-hop/dub/jazz vibes on keyboards and Deitch’s thunderous breakbeat style on drums.

‘Grid of Souls’ is out now, serving as an aural embodiment of Break Science’s original and pioneering electronic sound.

1. Cruise Control (ft. Raquel Rodriguez)
2. Reno
3. Android Love (ft. Lettuce)
4. Crazy Lately (ft. Prob Cause)
5. Guiding Light
6. Supermoon
7. Make a Move – (ft. CTZN, Apryl Sashay)
8. Light Shine Down (ft Karl Denson, Lenesha Randolph)
9. Anthemy Mason (ft. Brasstracks)
10. Force of Nature (ft Paperwhite)

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