Bass Music Prodigy Moore Kismet Returns To Bassrush Records, “Beauty Is A Facade”

moore kismet beauty is a facade

Moore Kismet serves up their follow-up single on Bassrush Records with “Beauty Is a Facade.”

Aside from shaking up the bass music scene with an avant-garde approach to making ground-breaking post-dubstep, the teenage prodigy known as Moore Kismet—real name Omar Davis has become a shining source of inspiration for anyone coming to grips with how they identify. While the non-binary artist does not let that aspect of their personal life define them, there’s still a tremendous amount of positivity and encouragement to glean from the wunderkind’s purposeful output. Moore Kismet’s sophomore single on Bassrush Records, “Beauty Is a Facade” is a stunning glitched-out creation that came at a time when Moore Kismet was learning how to become comfortable in their own skin.

“This song is basically subject to interpretation to anyone who listens to it,” says Moore Kismet. “I named it this because it was started at a point in my life where I wasn’t happy with how I looked, but over time, as I started to explore my identity, I realized that my looks didn’t matter as much to me anymore and that I didn’t need to work myself to the bone to be ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute,’ when I was already myself.

Opening up with chiming melodies twinkling gently over a bed of head-bobbing percussion, the track takes on an introspective demeanor at the start before cracking itself open. As the intensity of the drums reaches its peak, an unabashed declaration of confidence is made known through morphing glitch sequences that stutter and shift seamlessly through carefully constructed complexities. Lofty chords and serene pad lines interject at the midway point, providing a moment of calm and clarity before the vibe spirals back down into the genius synth play.

The new single arrives swiftly after Moore Kismet made their label debut on Bassrush with the Bajillionaire-assisted “Drift,” which touched on the heart-wrenching feeling of having a special someone slowly starts to disappear from your life. With both cuts on the catalog thus far, the emotion-appealing allure and sonic innovativeness of one of the freshest names from the bass realm continues to reach new heights.


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