Swedish Producer Behmer Returns To Purple Fly Record Label With New Single “No Fool,” In Collaboration With Moodygee And Bodybangers

behmer no fool

After debuting on the label last month with “Fake People,” the Swedish producer Behmer returns to the NFT-fueled Purple Fly with another great single.

This time he teamed up with Austrian producer Moodygee and German established duo Bodybangers on “No Fool” – a vocal track, fusing Behmer’s signature Melbourne bounce, hardstyle, and elements of pop. With over 100M streams across platforms, the Swedish producer has had a steady growth in the dance music scene since his debut in 2014.

On the other hand, we have Moodygee, who has been rewarded with the Amadeus Music Award and numerous prizes at the Austrian Dance Awards, while Bodybangers’ earlier releases made it to the single charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, keeping the duo on great demand, resulting in tour stops in Dubai, Hong Kong, South Korea, Croatia, France, Albania, India, Russia, Spain, Poland, and more.

Purple Fly is an independent imprint utilizing cryptocurrency’s hottest frontier as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music. The label’s goal is to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that spans the sonic realms of trance to trap.

Purple Fly releases NFT directly on its official website with each music drop, enabling artists to have access to direct support from their fan base while expressing their creativity.

Behmer, Moodygee and Bodybangers join DJ SODA, MOMOLAND, Laidback Luke, BLVD., Fatman Scoop, Shaquille O’Neal, Sevenn, and more as part of the Purple Fly’s family. Keep an eye out for more groundbreaking releases from the label in the near future!


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