BIJOU & Drezo Team Up For “Goons”

bijou goons

Back with the jump off – BIJOU and Drezo reunite in a big way with the release of their new track “Goons.”

Both BIJOU and Drezo have made quite the mark on the house and bass house scene, so it’s no surprise “Goons” goes off in a big way. The single is a dynamic fusion of dark, bass-heavy house elements with intricate production – incorporating both artists’ signature styles into one cohesive summer anthem. “Goons” features driving beats and infectious basslines that create an intense, energetic atmosphere on the dancefloor.

BIJOU and Drezo share a deep history, stemming from their days as Arizona locals and DJs who worked together at a promo company. While Drezo moved to Los Angeles and BIJOU remains in Arizona, they remained in touch while in the studio and on the road. Back then, Drezo was already making strides on tour, while BIJOU was on the rise. They teamed up, and BIJOU became the first to open some of Drezo’s shows, learning about the world of touring firsthand. Their strong connection led to the idea of collaborating on a record, and after exploring numerous ideas, they finally found the perfect track for the meeting of their minds. It’s been a long time in the making, but they are thrilled to represent their Phoneix roots and create something fresh and unique amidst a world of monotonous sounds.


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