Blinders Pushes The Envelope On New STMPD RCRDS Single ‘Higher Needs’

blinders higher needs

Hold onto your seat! Blinders is back. ‘Higher Needs’ might just be one of his most explosive tracks to date, and is his second track of the year for STMPD RCRDS following the superb ‘Relieve’ a couple of months back.

There’s so much going on in this track. Huge rave hoovers blast against chunky kicks and ominous bass plucks in the intro as a distorted vocal urges you to “gimme some”. A gnarly riff signals the drop, where whizzing synths blast and bend around guttural electro bass grunts, all underpinned by snapping, garage flavoured beats. The fills come thick and fast, keeping the energy high through all manner of percussion rolls and snatches of synths. A slo-mo section time-stretches the lead riff to a screeching pace as the rugged bass buzzes away. More trickery awaits as a bubbling bass line emerges while the snares build up the energy, rave stabs chiming in unison. This track is completely off the hook and will keep you guessing every second.

‘Higher Needs’ was premiered just two weeks ago at a students’ festival in Poland in front of an audience of more than 10,000 people. You can only imagine the reactions this insane cut received. Blinders has a busy summer ahead where this track will be sure to get airings at festivals including Mysteryland and Parookaville.

Blinders ‘Higher Needs’ is released on STMPD RCRDS.


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