blut ep

We’re engrossed in the brand new EP from BLVTH, which reaches eight tracks in length. This is a producer to likes to make music that doesn’t fit conventional molds, and he is winning himself a legion of fans in the process. The Blut EP is a highly addictive listen and takes the listener through hip-hop, trap, bass and everything in between.

A captivating intro leads into the expansive “Seven,” before things take a darker, more intense turn with “Rigid.” The previous single “Pusher,” which is upbeat and richly melodic comes first as an instrumental and features later on the EP as a vocal cut with Soiceytrap. There are some wicked vocals on offer with “Champagne,” and “Disney” is another epic listen with its changing themes. You can also catch his other single release “Mars” in the tracklist, which we love.

Check out the whole EP here.

About BLVTH:

If your alias is spelled BLVTH but pronounced [blu:t], that should be a first signal that you’re not just trying to place yourself comfortably in an oversaturated jungle of electronic music. You want to stand out by turning heads, charming “s’cuse me-s” wherever you go, alienate, bend expectations. But not only via his chosen stage name, BLVTH flouts established principles. The half-Polish, half-Albanian, Berlin-based producer, singer, and songwriter chases a vision in which his art is not merely a stand-out, but rather a stand-alone.

What sets BLVTH apart from musically kindred acts like Mura-Masa, Flume or Lorne is his willingness and grit to go beyond what’s approved in the current musical landscape, regarding his genre-hopping antics and convention-defying performance, manifesting himself in an erratic whirlwind of vigour and creativity. His songs and beats are melodic, hard-hitting, experimental but nonetheless weirdly catchy, at times even anthemic. Having grown up with Punk and Hardcore and later straying with French-house and Trap, he describes his own music as Future-Grunge, a dystopian, ragged version of electronic pop and hip-hop. BLVTH is fresh and bold like an unexpected slap on the cheek and at the same time deep and contemplative like a good whiskey.


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