Boris Brejcha Releases New Single ‘Never Stop Dancing’ Featuring Ginger

boris brejcha never stop dancing

Boris Brejcha releases his new impulsive single “Never Stop Dancing” in collaboration with his longtime partner Ginger, spreading excitement for the album of the same name, which will be released later this month!

True to the title “Never Stop Dancing”, Boris Brejcha’s new single is a perfect, driving and rhythmic techno track that successfully convinces with its ability to put the listener in ecstasy. With pulsating kick drums, a dominant synth melody, paired with hypnotic vocals by Ginger, Boris Brejcha once again proves his talent for a unique and unmistakable sound. The track will be featured on Boris Brejcha’s upcoming album of the same name, “Never Stop Dancing”, which will be released this month. The album will be his tenth studio album and is a proof of his unbeatable hard work and dedication to music production.

“Never Stop Dancing” follows the recent release of the three-track EP “Vodka & Orange”. Recently, Boris Brejcha mesmerized Tesla boss Elon Musk and won the hearts of over 9,000 Tesla employees in Berlin with his unique show.

Boris Brejcha emerged on the scene in 2006 with the double EP “Monster” and “Yellow Kitchen” and has since developed his own style of music, which he calls “high-tech minimal”. Last year he released the highly acclaimed album “Space Driver”, which also features Ginger.


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