Christina Novelli & HAKA – Worlds Collide


Christina and H/\K/\’s worlds’ first collided in 2017 when the latter was tapped by Garuda to remix the former’s breakout, ‘Concrete Angel’.

Remix alchemy ensued and a duly impressed Christina set her sights on the mysterious H/\K/\ to produce her next single.

The result of that collaboration hits stores & streaming sites today.

With its lyrical smarts never more figuratively significant than in current times, Novelli’s song lives fully in the now. H/\K/\’s vibrant backing develops Christina’s theme brilliantly, with each production turn bringing greater-yet emphasis to her chorus and verse.

Cool, atmospherically cruising and vocally-centered when it wants to be; up-rocking and charged when the floor commands, you can listen to/pick up ‘Worlds Collide’ via this link.


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