British Producer’s Producer Duo Duke & Jones Release Eclectic, Minimalistic House Single “Program”

duke & jones program

British duo Duke & Jones are back with another house release that speaks for itself in the form of “Program,” a minimal percussive track with multi-genre influences.

Opening with a strong dose of kick drums and a chopped soul vocal riff that continues for its entire duration, the new single also brings in grungy basslines and tribal instrumental aspects. With a lot of groovy and rhythmic elements, “Program” places its focus solely on the house beats, making it feel like you’ve stepped into a dark, secret warehouse rave. Duke & Jones had a viral hit in the form of “Jiggle Jiggle” with Louis Theroux, but are now back to their first love in producing house music. Read on for their inspiration behind the new track.

“For as long as we’ve been producing, we’ve always loved to make super minimal, percussion-led drops. ‘Program’ takes this classic Duke & Jones aesthetic and spins it into a warehouse-flavored house tune, built around soul vocal chops and West African talking drum samples.” – Duke & Jones.

Duke & Jones have always been destined to be the “producer’s producer,” having been friends their entire lives and producing since the young age of 12. Their philosophy has always been to let the music speak for itself; they don’t need record labels or huge co-signs to make an impact in the scene–in fact, they were the first musical act to release an EP on OnlyFans, where they received homepage placement and full social support for comic ASMR edits.

The duo is adept at working social media to their advantage; their TikTok series has become a global sensation, and their Youtube channel is full of hilarious content. Last year, their viral hit “Jiggle Jiggle” with Louis Theroux, which started as yet another joke, earned them a number 49 spot on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart. The track also became an emote on Fortnite and was shared by Megan Thee Stallion, Shakira, Jimmy Fallon, ROSÉ (from Blackpink), Snoop Dogg, Anthony Hopkins, Rita Ora, Coldplay, and more. With an array of talent that goes beyond just producing music, Duke & Jones are certainly ones to watch.


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