Eater Forges Envelope-Pushing 6-Track Dubstep EP ‘Alliance’

eater alliance

Italian producer Eater has been devouring the bass scene with his carnivorous trap, tasty deep dubstep, and mind-gnawing 140 sounds.

Making his return to Bassursh Records comes the beastly six-track ‘Alliance’ EP. The project follows the lead single “Stand Up,” alongside San Diego-based duo Blurrd Vzn.

Eater relays the importance of his new EP, saying, “‘Alliance’ is a statement, not just an EP. Eater is here to stay. I’m really excited for the future of the project and this is a very important step in the next direction.”

Leading the charge comes the breakout smash “Chamber.” The track has become a fan-favorite, rapidly approaching one-million streams to date, and seeing live support from legends like Excision, Zeds Dead, YOOKiE, and ATLiens. The ominous introduction pulls inspiration from horror soundtracks, uniting dark undertones with uneasy vocal samples for a truly spine-tingling start. Sinister laughter gives way to a devastating display of a guttural sound design, brutish low-end, and snappy, trap-inspired drums. Drifting between the gloomy graveyard-influenced sonics and the blistering drops, Eater creates a masterfully dark bass anthem.

Operating from a similarly shadowy existence is “Levels.” A mystifying lead creates a somber yet enticing atmosphere that draws closer with each note. The pre-drop vocal gives listeners a fitting message of caution: “Warning the bass may reach dangerous levels.” Staying true to its promise, the track attacks with soul-shaking bass, crisp drums, and mind-melting samples. Balancing just the right amount of empty space with forward-thinking sound design results in two unique drops that will push speakers to their absolute max.

Exploring the realms of wall-rattling 140 dubstep, “Stand Up” is a murky yet massive weapon of a track alongside production pair Blurrd Vzn. The ominous, melodic oscillations offer a foreboding yet enticing opening that’s dark but oddly inviting. The commanding vocals feel like a live MC directing the crowd with its original dub influence. Expertly dispersed throughout the track, they add grittiness to the already filthy soundscape while also injecting an anthemic addictiveness. Warbling synth leads, gargling basslines, and cavernous atmospherics score the hard-hitting drops. The sound design is mind-bending while the bass will rattle the deepest reaches of the soul. “Stand Up” is a dark, deep, and devastating anthem from the rising talents, which has gained support from The Dub Rebellion, This Song Slaps, Global Money World, The Music Essentials, and Find Your Sounds.

Eater shares his excitement around the collaboration, saying, “It truly is always special to work with the guys at Blurrd Vzn. This track started with an idea from them that I was able to extend and get to the end. It will set the third and final step in our work together.”

Joining forces with Detroit-based producer and recording artist SADRN comes “Maker.” The release is a high-octane heater that pushes the boundaries of modern electronic trap. The robotic female voice possesses a haunting sense of searching that feels like an explorer lost on a distant planet. Glitched-out rap vocals are looped and heavily processed, slowly coming into focus as the backing builds up the intensity. The pulse-raising drops flip between towering synths with electrifying sub-bass, and stripped-back bounce-filled leads with a definitive hip-hop swagger. In the span of just over two minutes, the two producers swerve between styles and sounds while barely letting off the gas. The end result is a heavily charged trap heater that’ll ignite anything in its path.

Explaining how the collaboration came to be, SADRN opens up, “This song came to life when I sent Eater some old projects laying around. Eater mentioned he wanted to have a collab between us two on his EP. ‘Maker’ is a tune crafted for the ragers; this EP is a movie.”

Completing the trifecta of impressive collaborations with Stateside artists, Eater taps emerging Pacific Northwestern producer 12K. “Voices” is an experimental dubstep weapon set on a path of pure destruction. Menacing horns create a warning siren that’s beefed up with industrial flourishes and pitched-down vocal loops. The drops are brain-bending displays of unbridled bass, crunchy textures, filthy percussion, and unhinged melodics. “Voices” is an unflinching anthem that’s as gritty as it is heavy.

12K shares his anticipation around the collaboration, saying, “I am excited to see the ‘Voices’ reactions. I think this EP brings a fun, aggressive energy that people are going to love!”

A special VIP of the smash “Chamber” brings the project to a close in epic fashion. Despite the impressive magnitude of the original, Eater someone finds a way to take things to the next level with the new rework. The ominous textures are re-introduced but the addition of punchy breakbeat drums amplifies the sense of urgency and makes the eerie whistling lead even more murderous. The rehashed rapid-fire drops are oozing with wonk, maligned melodies, sinister vocals, and haunting atmospherics. It’s a blood-thirsty monster with sharpened teeth and fangs that becomes deadlier with each passing second. The final drops will reverberate through every ounce of being as spine-chilling sound design and dark bass take control of the senses.

Italian producer Eater has been putting his stamp on the bass scene with his next-level deep, weird, and wonky productions. He’s renowned for his gnarly sound design and blistering beats. His music has been heard at world renowned festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, and has garnered radio support from the iconic BBC Radio 1. He’s a favorite amongst tastemakers, drawing support from Excision, Zeds Dead, Ganja White Night, Liquid Stranger, YOOKiE, ATLiens, and Tape B. His long list of collaborations includes notable artists such as Gawm, Tryple, Automhate, Thai.oh, Xenotype, and Eugene.

‘Alliance’ is a relentless onslaught of brutish bass music and top-tier sound design, proving why Eater continues to claim a coveted spot at the forefront of the bass scene.

Eater’s new EP Alliance is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.


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