“Remember Home”, A Delightful Journey By ELYAZ

elyaz remember home

In ‘Remember Home’, a traveller rediscovers the past about the world he lives in and the memories he made.

In the words of ELYAZ:

“A traveller finds a mysterious radio in an abandoned garage. A story is hiding, memories of a forgotten journey are revealed. Distant lives await to be told on a never-ending ride. The connection between space and time flashes by among the city lights. We are all travellers, keepers of our past, fighting the night playing rock ‘n’ roll, dancing the night in a disco show. We will explore the world.”

The synth-pop track perfectly captures the elixir of the story that is portrayed visually in the music video. It starts off with enthralling arpeggios performed on major scale synths while the video shows the protagonists tuning a radio, which magically reveals something that kickstarts the journey.

Our journey begins as the vocals take us across the world. As the track progresses, the soundtrack reveals more and more about the cinematic universe and a truly breathtaking journey is created. As listen more, we get to know what life was like back then, when you could be anyone you wanted to be, live a life that passed faster than days, listen to some rock ‘n’ roll and explore the world while you danced to disco.

The track flawlessly conveys the artist’s story and the emotion behind it. Those who listen to “Remember Home” will surely become fans for life.

Listen to the track and watch the music video here:

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