Enrico Sangiuliano Announces ‘Physical Change’ EP Ahead Of SOLO Show At 99 Scott, New York

enrico sangiuliano physical change

Following the monumental success of NINETOZERO’s latest offering – Enrico Sangiuliano and Charlotte de Witte’s “Reflection” EP – the Emilia native’s conceptually driven record label announces the next instalment in its countdown of releases.

The two-track ‘Physical Change’ EP will land on the time-limited imprint on May 5, ahead of Enrico’s correlative SOLO show at New York’s 99 Scott on May 13.

Having previously explored the notion of silence, space and reflection through his NINETOZERO catalogue, Sangiuliano’s newest chapter analyses the concept of change, in all its forms. Tethered to the roots of NINETOZERO’s overruling theme of time, the forthcoming opus expresses the narrative of mutation and evolution within sound. Both obvious and imperceptible changes are inevitable, shaped by the uniqueness of the setting, the ear and the way in which it is emitted. Much like physical and chemical change, metamorphosis within sound is the only constant, despite our inability to recognise some of these microscopic variations.

Enrico’s drive to create music with conceptual value stems from a resolute commitment to the progression of our beloved scene and, as such, has allowed him to journey the length and breadth of electronic music in the most freeing way. The two productions present as distinct techno cuts whilst possessing the melodic complexities we’ve come to know and love from Enrico’s unrivalled output. Unequivocally cool and wholly refined, the extended player is set to follow in the footsteps of NINETOZERO’s preceding chart-toppers.

Expanding on the project with a string of accompanying all-night-long shows, Enrico also announces his next SOLO event at Scott 99 in New York on May 13, marking the series’ first Stateside edition since its inception last year. Tickets for Enrico Sangiuliano Presents NINETOZERO SOLO #6 are available to purchase here.

Enrico Sangiuliano – “Physical Change” EP [NTZ006]


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