Enviado Vida Unveils Soothing House Single “Uatchu”

enviado vida uatchu

Following the release of his singles “Between Chapters” and “The Next Step” earlier this year, Russian progressive house tastemaker Enviado Vida returned to Monstercat today with his ethereal new track, “Uatchu.”

The warm atmospheric pads, deep bassline, and soft piano melody mix perfectly with the crisp percussion, creating a serene and vibrant soundscape. Last month, Enviado Vida was featured on the debut Monstercat Silk: Work Flow playlist via the Calm app, contributing to the ultimate soundtrack for deep concentration or mediation. “Uatchu” arrives as yet another gorgeous melodic house track from the Russian sensation, in an ode to the passing of the seasons.

Enviado Vida shares, “On these cold and rainy days, more than ever, you want to plunge into an atmosphere of lightness, carelessness, and warmth. “Uatchu” is dedicated to the unforgettable summer that has already passed.”


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