Eyezic Covers Stages Of A Breakup With Emotion-Packed Four-Track ‘Reflections’ EP

eyezic reflections

Rising talent Eyezic returns to Lost In Dreams with his four-track EP ‘Reflections.’

The project embodies his moving, genre-blurring sound while soundtracking the myriad of emotions tied to a breakup. ‘Reflections’ follows the success of the lead single “A Moment Apart,” which preceded the package a few months prior.

Introducing the affair in his own words, Eyezic shares: “The EP talks about the healing period and process from a breakup perspective. You think you meet someone that you think will be the one you spend a long time with; and then with time passing by and you just realize that this may not be the person that is the one for you. There are issues that arise, maybe things aren’t communicated well enough. No hatred towards the other, but it just wasn’t going to work out, no matter how hard the other person tried.”

The story begins with “A Moment Apart” tracing the tension and heartache between two distant lovers on the precipice of a breakup. Moody pads and reverberating chords lay the foundation as detuned synth stabs add to the emotive aesthetic. A somber vocal loop packs passion and pain with its delivery of succinctly sharp lyrics. There’s a sense of longing contrasted against waves of release and the drive to look forward. Rolling groove-filled basslines, crisp claps, and breakbeat drums inject a playful sensibility that feels like dancing through the pain. The vocals drift in and out as a consistent reminder of the underlying emotional weight. “A Moment Apart” delicately balances the heaviness of a breakup with a distant hopefulness, resulting in a tender groove as a reminder that everything will be alright with time. The lead number drew radio support from Louis The Child, and Don Diablo, while earning press support from This Song Is Sick, Relentless Beats, Acid Stag, This Song Slaps, and Audiocult.

Eyezic provides background on the lead single, saying, “The story talks about a heartbreak that had occurred in early 2022. Sometimes, things are just not meant to be, no matter how good everything else may seem. Through the ups and downs, it turns out that sometimes people are just not the right ones for one another, and that is totally okay. This record talks about the healing period post-breakup, and kind of takes you for a ride in some sense. I wanted to write something pretty and melodic and keep it mellow at first—to share the good parts in this relationship, and then the bouncy off-grid lead shares the rockiness and post-break up someone goes through. Once that ends, it goes back to being calm and collected. I hope others can resonate with this, as well.”

Connecting with Costa Mesa-based singer and producer Goodknight, the pair tap into the vulnerability of letting one’s guard down with that special someone. “Wall” is an evocative and sultry number that mixes lust with the freedom of being truly one’s self. Goodknight’s passionate vocals set the stage while Eyezic adds in sweeping strings and blissful pads. Rapid-firing trap drums raise the temperature before giving way to an eruption of feels in the drops. Heavenly melodies drift over beautifully pitched and chopped vox creating an uplifting bliss. The track is balanced with a downtempo, stripped-back break and outro that inject layers of uncertainty and hints of sadness.

Pulling back the curtain on “Walls,” Eyezic opens up, stating: “This record shines a light on the project as this really shares the lust and love that one shares when they can truly be themselves with the other person. ‘Now we’re at peace when the walls come down.’ This really struck me when I was dating this person at the time. It was the first time I had ever felt ‘safe’ with someone. No fear of judgment, and the list goes on. This record, with its strong string synth, expresses those feelings of what freedom feels like. The feeling of falling in love, the feeling of being yourself. I put this record at number two on the EP as it does share the moments of happiness that I shared with this person, the parts that you wish you could have back, but know it’s not going to go anywhere if you continue to go backwards. A massive thank you to Goodknight. for helping out with this record. It was truly an amazing collaboration.”

“I care, you don’t” offers a thematic shift while soundtracking a breaking point. From the somber introduction to the dejected vocals, the track includes a darker undercurrent. While the vocal delivery is sweet, the lyrics are more pensive as the issues find their way to the surface. The playful rhythms in the build are replaced with a glitchy lead that plays like a subtle warning siren. The frenetic drums enhance the uncertainty while the vocals beg to be listened to. The track hits harder in every sense, delivering an emotional gut punch while matching the energy sonically. The echoed finale simulates the feeling of a lost love drifting further and further away with each breath.

Continuing his narration for the project, Eyezic explains the tectonic shift: “This one hits a bit harder. This was during the time when things took a turn for the worst. I remember one thing from our last call, the biggest jab to the gut was the words ‘I cared, you didn’t.’ In my eyes, and in my thoughts, I thought I had put a lot of effort and care into the relationship, but after further discussion, it was much deeper than that. There were things that needed to be done, and, unfortunately, I wasn’t doing enough, or it seemed that I had given up on trying. I took the time to reflect on this and really prioritized how to become a better listener and communicator. Eventually, things got better with this former partner, however, at this point, it was too late to mend anything, because we’ve gone too deep and knew it was never going to work out.”

Providing a fitting finale, “Time” is an emotional ride that transcends an array of genres and emotions. ero808 offers a pained vocal performance that pulls influence from rap and R&B, drifting between autotuned croons, and reflective raps. The production carefully contours around the vocals before stealing the spotlight in the drops. Oscillating between uplifting and moving, the hypnotic lead, bouncy bass, and haunting vocal bends offer an epic call-and-response that harnesses a hint of hope on the horizon without completely letting go of the pain. “Time” heals all, and the project’s finale traces the early steps of that journey, showing a path towards light despite the looming shadows.

Explaining the conclusion, Eyezic offers his final thoughts: “We’ve reached the end. This one was written months after the final goodbye. It was the end of the story. I felt the need to write something a bit more uplifting, but emotional, exploring something new but staying true to myself. It felt a bit chaotic, but blissful at the same time. Especially with the amazing vocals by ero808. This was the perfect way to end this project. A massive thank you to Lost In Dreams for believing in this project.”

Washington D.C.-based producer Eyezic is one of electronic music’s brightest burning new stars. With a style that has transcended melodic trap, bass, house, garage, and beyond, he’s become an industry favorite landing tastemaker support from Wreckno, San Holo, Rome In Silver, Clozee, Quix, Tails, Maddy O’Neal, and many more. Eyezic has an upcoming festival performance at Beyond Wonderland in Chicago and is touring alongside Wreckno with stops in Denver, Oakland, Vancouver, and Atlanta. Add in the fact that he’s seen editorial support in Bass Lounge, Creamy, Trap Mojito, Bass Arcade, Hype, and Nitroboost, and it’s clear that Eyezic is next up.

Eyezic offers listeners a piece of his soul with his ‘Reflections’ EP, tracing the highs and lows of lost love with the exceptional sonic signature fans have come to love from the producer.

Eyezic’s new EP ‘Reflections’ is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.


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