Flatdisk & Gil Sanders ft. Jacob Wellfair- Lost


It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or not, there’s a solid chance you have, at some point in life, experienced the helpless, exhilarating, butterfly-inducing feeling of falling for someone new. And as difficult as it is to embody that emotion, Flatdisk and Gil Sanders have managed to do just that in their new release “Lost.”

Captivating vocals by Jacob Wellfair are delivered in an instrumental breeze during the introduction, drawing the listener right into the lavish soundscape before the bass kicks in. The beautifully melodic combination of vocals and instrumentals put together with the groovy synths in the drop give us the best of both worlds; Flatdisk has effectively created a track that is both uplifting and thought-provoking, romantic and yet lively enough to dance to. “Lost” is Flatdisk’s first release on Big & Dirty.

Listen to it here:

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