Forty Cats And Arentis Join Forces For Organic House EP ‘The Lost Ancient Charm’

forty cats the lost ancient charm

Chinese producer Arentis has signed to Monstercat today, teaming up with rising producer Forty Cats for their stunning organic house EP, ‘The Lost Ancient Charm.’

Drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese culture, the four-track package takes listeners on a serene journey backed by rhythmic drums and ambient textures from native Chinese instruments. The EP’s complex motifs display both artist’s ability to turn their inspired visions into a dreamy soundscape that shares their heritage with the world.

Arentis shares, “When I wrote these two pieces, I wanted to incorporate some Chinese instruments into organic house, which have been handed down for thousands of years. I wanted to bring their sound to more people’s ears and let them know about Chinese art and culture, and so this EP was born!”

‘The Lost Ancient Charm’ EP Tracklist

1. The Lost Ancient Charm
2. Zen
3. The Lost Ancient Charm (Club Mix)
4. Zen (Extended Mix)


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