Fox Steveson Announces “Enemy Brain Entertainment Suite EP”

fox steveson enemy brain entertainment suite

Fox Stevenson is one-part electronic music producer and one-part singer/songwriter.

All parts assembled he’s a true powerhouse of talent who’s carved out his own unique sound that melds dance music with pop-punk flair. Fox kicks off 2023 in style with the announcement that his new nine-track ‘Enemy Brain Entertainment Suite EP’ will be released via Pilot Records on February 3.

Flowing melodies over bopping beats decry people who refuse to adhere to values or make a positive difference on the EP’s final single, ‘Deja Vu.’ After straddling the fine line between dance music and pop-rock, ‘Deja Vu’ is unapologetically poppy and undeniably catchy.

“I’ve been excited about the idea of making stuff at an intersection between my favorite east coast hip hop groups like tribe called quest, and more hooky dance music, maybe throwing a little beck in there, ended up with a song about repetitive behavior,” Fox says.

Unhindered by the constraints of a particular genre, Fox Stevenson (formerly “Stan SB”) pushes against imposed limitations. Growing up in an artistic environment, with a musician, writer, and theater director for a father, Fox didn’t need much prodding to explore art from the inside out. Laying down his tracks from scratch, he will also write and perform his own vocals.

As a live musician, he is unafraid to pick up the guitar, drums, and bass, or mix a live DJ set on stage. The casual listener is immediately struck by the emotional pitch and complex narrative structures of his songs. Most dance song lyrics are throwaway, but Fox’s tracks are genuine, space-creating oddities of a new generation.

They are indebted to the old singer-songwriters of the past, while also challenging traditional expectations for beat-based, electronic music. In a world that often prefers we choose ‘one or the other’, Fox is one of the few willing to balance and create a free-flowing tri-force of dance, pop, and rock in his music.

Versatile as both a DJ and live performer, the live project involves drums, guitar, and Stevenson on vocals. When describing this live three-piece band, he says, “I love melodies, I love big drums, I love big bass, and I love singing over it, and that is the live band.”

London friends – be sure to check out Fox’s DJ set at Printworks on February 10. More info and tickets Here.

Watch this space for more info on the EP and live performances.


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