Glaue Releases Calming Progressive House EP ‘A Field In England’ On Monstercat

glaue A Field In England

Progressive house tastemaker Glaue returned to Monstercat Silk today with the release of his seven-track EP ‘A Field In England’.

Each track is the perfect combination of natural and synthetic sounds. The melodic deep house vocals, soft trance arpeggiators, and live instruments take listeners on a unique musical journey. Spanning four original tracks including the previously released “The Way We Do,” plus a trio of extended mixes, ‘A Field In England’ showcases the evolution of Glaue’s skills as a producer as each track has its own identifiable sonic element.

Glaue shares, “Two psychedelic progressive journeys, followed by a shorter evocative sci-fi infused track.”


1. The Way We Do
2. Kykeon
3. A Field In England
4. Sanctuary
5. The Way We Do (Extended Mix)
6. Kykeon (Extended Mix)
7. A Field In England (Extended Mix)


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