H3NRY THR!LL Unveils New Single, ‘No Time To Fight’ Featuring KAIA

h3nry thr!ll no time to fight

LA-based artist H3NRY THR!LL continues to establish himself as a first-class producer.

The latest addition to his consistently impressive discography, ‘No Time To Fight’, is a triumphant track full of dramatic twists and turns throughout.

An epic electric organ and woodblock percussion open things up, immediately creating an empathic energy. H3NRY then carefully constructs a gradual rise in intensity with the introduction of layered and heavily distorted synths, crowd-like claps and punching kicks. This increasing energy culminates in a bass heavy climax with low frequency dubstep drums, shooting synths and a high-pitched flute which creates a completely consuming experience.

As well as H3NRY’s increasingly polished production, the track also boasts fantastic vocals from KAIA. Her raspy tone is engulfed in emotion and fits the catchy lyrics which encourage escapism.

H3NRY has said the new track is “Combining my original progressive house roots into that new “Thrill” sound, this song is sure to make the speakers boom.”

The first few months of 2022 have clearly showcased the young producer’s boundless talent and versatility, with two very different tracks that are both brilliant. H3NRY’s ability is becoming undeniable, a view supported by artists and broadcasters like Don Diablo, Block FM, Nexus Radio, Lost Frequenecies, Radio Nova, Kiss FM, Big cityBeats, Zondering, AnnLunoe, Fresh FM and Oliver Heldens. ‘No Time To Fight’ demonstrates to everyone he’s here to stay.


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