Highlnd Teams Up With Drowsy For New Single, ‘ Save Me’

highlnd save me

Highlnd sinks into another riveting collaboration alongside singer-songwriter Drowsy, arriving in the shape of “Save Me,” their follow-up release for the ever-expanding Lost In Dreams imprint.

The L.A-based electronic artist Highlnd seems to have found the perfect rhythm with his regular counterpart, Drowsy. She’s a self-attested “professional bummer” that has made a habit out of lending her melancholic temperament to his captivating productions. It’s a match drawn together by the stars in the melodic bass sky, and their third outing together finds them stacking up their strengths higher than ever before.

“Save Me” is a song that traps itself inside the intrusive thoughts of someone tortured by their own shortcomings. Drowsy dwells in a place outside of salvation, accepting a doomed fate without a shred of remorse. Highlnd highlights her pain marvelously, circling around her glowering critiques with mournful keys, sharp 808s, crackling textures, and brooding guitar riffs. During the moment when anxiety becomes too much to bear, the main vocal refrain is belted out in anguish while a flood of impassioned synths and electrifying glitches sweep in to drown out the desperation.

“‘Save Me’ is such a meaningful and genuine song that highlights the highs and lows of being self-made and the struggles surrounding it,” says Highlnd. “I put extra care into the production in order to do justice to Drowsy‘s incredible vocals. I’m happy to release this song on such a supportive and fitting label.”

Earlier in the year, Highlnd stitched together a string of singles on Lost In Dreams by way of his four-track EP. On it, he was seen connecting the dots with a solid group of vocalists including Elle Vee, Misdom, and frequent collaborator Zack Gray.

Drowsy took the honors of jumping on the title cut “Patterns,” a song riddled with angst that was written about getting stuck in a vicious cycle of self-destructive behaviors. It served as a reunion for the two fast-rising talents, after first crossings paths on the unmistakably sad, forsaken track “Disposable.” Highlnd and Drowsy have since become a lifeline for those looking to redeem themselves through the power of visceral emotion, and their new single “Save Me” is coming to the rescue once again.

Highlnd and Drowsy’s new single ‘Save Me’ is available everywhere via Lost In Dreams Records.


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