Hip-Hop/EDM duo Price & Takis drop KILLER track – Haunted


Toronto-based hip-hop/EDM duo Price & Takis have released two versions of their lead single, ‘Haunted’, alongside the official music video.

After spending the past two years touring the EDM festival circuit and creating remixes that have amassed almost 200 million streams worldwide, Price & Takis have evolved their sound with deeper hip-hop influences and Price now contributing vocals. ‘Haunted’, which is released in collaboration with Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music, is the duo’s first major release since signing with Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.

“‘Haunted’ honestly feels like our debut as a group,” says Takis. “This is our first song with Price on vocals and the first song I wrote lyrics to. This song is us; every word comes from real moments. We wanted to show the world that we’re not just remix DJs – we’re artists. You can put us in a room with a Macbook and a mic and we’ll make a song with a story that’s authentically us. ‘Haunted’ is as honest as we can be.” Listen to the single HERE.

Their new hip-hop leaning sound is actually a return to their roots:

“Price was producing hip-hop records in high-school and I was DJing hip-hop clubs while I was still underage,” says Takis.

“We’re still learning and growing with every session. Every night, we’re working on different ways to blend our two favorite styles of music.” It was during one of these creative sessions that Price’s vocals first landed on one of their tracks and their new sound began to take shape.

“On Christmas Eve, we were in the studio with some friends and songwriters who were trying a lot of different ideas on the mic over some chords we had created,” says Takis. “Then, (probably thanks to some Hennessy) Price said, ‘Ima give it a shot. I have this idea.’ The songwriters kind of laughed, but on the first take, he freestyled that ‘I’ve been on the road’ melody. I turned to him and gave him a look like ‘That’s fire, let’s keep going!’ Since then, we’ve realized that when Price performs some of our songs, they feel really honest. It’s our way to turn ideas and lyrics in our head into songs without a ‘middleman’. No filter.”

The ‘Haunted’ music video – shot in L.A. and directed by Ryan Craven – takes Price & Takis out from behind their DJ turntables and presents them as the artists they are – up front and center singing their own lyrics over original beats.

Even as they were building their reputation in the EDM world, the Price & Takis live shows always revealed their love of hip-hop.

“From Beyond Wonderland to EDC to any of our live shows, you’ll hear us play 90% hip-hop mash-ups,” Takis says.

The duo’s decision to simultaneously release the ‘Haunted’ (Trap Mix) was a grateful nod to their EDM fans who have been supporting them since the beginning. “We wanted to find our own way to bridge the gap between hip-hop and electronic music, so we decided to make two versions of ‘Haunted’,” says Takis. “We haven’t really heard of many artists dropping two versions of one song on release day but honestly, this wasn’t supposed to be a strategy. It just felt right to not make our fans wait a month for the release of the remix.” Listen to ‘Haunted’ (Trap Mix) HERE.


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