i_o Launches AM 444 With Lights Collaboration, “Annihilation”


American electronic artist i_o launches AM 444, the third instalment of his 444 album series with the release of “Annihilation.”

The song, available now on mau5trap, features alt-pop artist Lights and makes it’s at #2 on iTunes Electronic chart.

Named for an obscure New York City underground venue, i_o’s 444 is a three-part series of four tracks each as a nod to the number. Each segment of the project tells the story of the different areas of dance music that defines i_o as an artist. The first part—ACID 444 reflecting i_o’s warehouse roots was released late 2019 with its follow up, NRG 444 –a more aggressive, uptempo collection of tracks suited to be played during a peak hour main room techno set—arriving in early 2020. AM 444 finds Lights joining him on all tracks and represents i_o’s production skills on the more melodic and progressive side.

The original premise of AM 444 was based around the period of time around 4 am when night would turn into a day – before dawn. As the two artists worked, the idea changed with i_o and Lights creating a world of their own called EDEN with each artist representing a voice of a different standpoint. One making EDEN a digital paradise acting as a metaphor of escapism. The other an alternate consciousness in a dire world. Both in a conflict between hope and despair which aligns with what much of the world is feeling right now during these changing times.


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