i_O Releases New Installment Of 3-Part Album Project, “444”

i_o nrg 444 - 2nd installment is out today on mau5trap

Following the release of ACID 444, the first installment of his three-part album 444, Los Angeles-based producer i_o returns today (February 7) with part two of the project for deadmau5’ label mau5trap, NRG 444.

Named for an obscure New York City underground venue, 444 is a three-part series of four tracks each as a nod to the number. Each segment of the project tells the story of the different areas of dance music that defines i_o (Garrett Lockhart) as an artist. The first part—ACID 444 reflecting i_o’s warehouse roots was released late 2019.


Another Level
Dancing 2020
Parental Advisory
This Is Rave

NRG is a more aggressive, uptempo collection of tracks suited to be played during a peak hour main room techno set. With the third part of 444 to be released later this year, expect songs on the more melodic and progressive side.


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