Jaenga Returns To Subcarbon Records With New 4-Track EP, “Ancestors”

jaenga ancestors

Following the acclaimed success of Jaenga’s captivating 2022 EP, “Field Trip”, Subcarbon Records is thrilled to herald the return of the dynamic producer with his latest musical exploration, “Ancestors”.

The EP marks a vibrant homecoming to Subcarbon Records, a label renowned for championing the forefront of innovation under the guidance of the visionary duo, Ganja White Night. Infused with Jaenga’s signature blend of deep, resonant bass and an intricate tapestry of sound that spans the spectrum of electronic music, the 4 track collection is a sonic odyssey that delves into the roots of rhythm and bass. “Ancestors” is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Subcarbon Records.

Opening the “Ancestors” EP, the titular track is a mesmerizing gateway into Jaenga’s unparalleled sonic world, where sparkling synths intertwine with enchanting vocal samples, transporting listeners to an ethereal dimension. As the journey unfolds, a rising tension is slowly built before culminating in an intoxicating explosion of deep, rumbling bass, setting an electrifying precedent for the auditory odyssey that lies ahead.

“I felt so inspired writing my “Toulambi” EP a few years back because the story of the Toulambi tribe was so interesting to me. A tribe living on an island, completely isolated from the rest of the world. Only knowing the friends, family, and technology that they’ve built and cultivated themselves. So I decided to revisit those roots with this new EP, “Ancestors.” – JAENGA

“Brute” follows, commencing with a tapestry of delicate instrumentation and captivating vocal harmonies before unleashing a storm of unyielding bass, complemented by laser-precise synths and mesmerizing glitch textures. The track is a masterclass in dynamic contrast, weaving hypnotic melodies with ferocious basslines into a compelling sonic landscape that showcases Jaenga’s signature intricate sound design and innovation.

“I blend the worlds of bass music and “jungle” sounds of primitive/woodwind instruments, ambience, and nature sounds.” – JAENGA

Emerging as the third electrifying anthem from the EP, “Rain Dance” unfurls with an ethereal blend of soft instrumentation and intricate percussive whispers, before plunging into a torrent of deep, pulsating bass that captivates with an irresistible groove. This track crafts a rich, warmly enveloping soundscape, charged with an energy so tangible, it invites listeners to surrender to the rhythm, weaving a spellbinding narrative that dances across the senses.

“I like when I hear something so deep and heavy it makes you want to break through a brick wall. So there’s a bit of that. But there’s also the aetherial side, a breath of the natural world where you can zone out for a minute… A balance of light and dark, in a run-time of 14 minutes.” – JAENGA

“Cheveyo” rounds out the EP, opening with ethereal melodies before a commanding vocal cut catapults listeners into an abyssal bass drop. Serving as the climactic finale of the EP, the track transports listeners to a warbly soundscape that is both haunting and mesmerizing. The masterful production encapsulates the essence of the EP, leaving an indelible mark on the soul and igniting an insatiable craving for more of Jaenga’s sonic explorations.

Each track on “Ancestors” stands as a testament to Jaenga’s innovative spirit and mastery over his craft, promising to captivate listeners and transport them on an immersive auditory journey that reverberates through the very core of the bass music scene. With this latest offering, Jaenga extends an invitation to listeners to immerse themselves in an EP that not only resonates with the soul but also captivates the mind and moves the body, heralding a new chapter in the ever-expanding universe of electronic music. As “Ancestors” gears up to make its indelible mark, Subcarbon Records proudly stands behind a release that not only reflects the evolution of bass music but also reaffirms Jaenga’s esteemed status as an architect of auditory wonders.


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