Jauz Unveils Full Anniversary Project With Second Album Of The Year ‘Wrath Of The Wicked’

jauz wrath of the wicked

Chart-topping electronic music DJ & producer Jauz is back as he releases the long-awaited second part of his two-part album series, ‘Wrath of the Wicked’.

Contrasting its predecessor, Rise of the Wise album, which featured progressive and house tracks, the new second installment takes listeners on a journey with seven electrifying dubstep and drum and bass anthems including ‘Chaos’, ‘Mind Control’, ‘Super Fly’ (Wicked VIP), ‘Choppa’, ‘Bad Boi Sound’, ‘Dreaming’, and ‘Save U Now’. This dual album series serves as a remarkable celebration of the fifth anniversary of Jauz’s groundbreaking debut album, The Wise & The Wicked, which soared to the #1 spot on iTunes just 90 minutes after its release in 2018. Paying homage to TWATW, the LA-based visionary’s comprehensive yin & yang project celebrates not only the duality of his production but also his internal workings as a human. Out September 22nd via his label, Bite This!, ‘Wrath of the Wicked’ rounds out a fifth-anniversary album series to be celebrated by Jauz fans across the globe.

Sam Vogel, better known as Jauz, is recognized for his genre-bending approach to music production. With ‘Wrath of the Wicked’, he has once again demonstrated his versatility as an artist- delving deep into the realms of dubstep and drum and bass. The album opens with ‘Chaos’, which stays true to its name with suspenseful drops and masterful synth layers, all packaged in a high-energy dubstep track. The already-successful ‘Mind Control’ follows up the lead single, with a Wicked VIP edit of ‘Super Fly’ ft. 666 maintaining the bass-laden momentum thereafter. The album’s energy shifts with ‘Bad Boi’ and ‘Dreaming’- which deliver drum-and-bass-fueled journeys that unquestionably prove Vogel’s range of production. The album ends with the emotional anthem ‘Save U Now’, which pairs heart-wrenching vocals with heavy bass shots- resulting in a track that perfectly rounds out the diverse two-part album project.

When discussing the new album, Jauz elaborates, “If my last album (Rise of the Wise) was the Yin, this one (Wrath of the Wicked) is the Yang. The whole goal behind both of these albums was to dive into the polar extremes of the sounds I’ve always made and push each direction to the limit. With this album, it was all about creating the most “heavy” version of Jauz I possibly could, which is perfectly represented by The Wicked. Even though every song on this album is dark and heavy, I think there’s still a really good spectrum of different songs on this album. Some are straight-up bangers, and some lean more into emotions, but the undertone of every record feels truly Wicked to me. I’m really excited for everyone to finally get to hear all these tracks I’ve been working on for so long and also finally get to play them out live, because a lot of them I’ve been keeping a secret for a while.”

The ‘Wrath of the Wicked’ album opens up a new chapter for Jauz and celebrates the landmarks and milestones in his journey over the last five years. A true anniversary project for the books, the two-part album series is a milestone in itself for Jauz- highlighting his evolution as a producer, DJ, and growth as an individual. For fans across the globe who have seen his growth since The Wise & The Wicked success, it is heart-warming and inspiring journey that can be marked in the electronic music history books. In conjunction with the release of Rise of the Wise and ‘Wrath of the Wicked’, Jauz will embark on the 2023-2024 Wise/Wicked which will allow fans to choose their musical journey.

Concertgoers can attend either the “Wise” or “Wicked” show, or opt for the ultimate experience by attending both, embracing the duality within themselves and celebrating the diverse range of sounds that Jauz has to offer. Tickets for the tour and all show dates can be found at www.heybitethis.com. 


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