Jay Hardway Releases Dance-Pop Single, “Vibes”

jay hardway vibes

Wasting no time in releasing his next hit, Jay Hardway returns with dance perfection, ‘Vibes’.

Jay is unmistakenly making 2020 his year churning out smash after smash, each showcasing a different side to his incredible sound. ‘Vibes’ is sure to take listeners by pleasant surprise showcasing a radio-ready, dance/ pop release to add to his diverse discography.

This festival-ready anthem is a breath of fresh air, delivering a burst of energy with a dance-inducing bassline. Opening with twinkling synths and a soothing vocal, a relaxing summer tone is set. Picking up the tempo, Jay introduces an infectious beat, allowing the track to take shape into a perfect summer anthem that certainly delivers those summer, festival ‘vibes’ that we all are craving. Supplying an energetic ‘good time’ tune, Jay’s iconic sound comes through with his signature builds and ground-breaking drops ready for when festival season kicks off. This euphoric track is sure to make summer playlists all over the globe, with Jay displaying another side to his astonishing ability to seamlessly produce a diverse range of music.

Jay Hardway continues to cement his name within the electronic dance music scene making his mark with his iconic sound. With club and festival performances put on hold, we can look forward to an incredible comeback set filled with Jay’s latest releases and those that are yet to come. As promised 2020 has been Jay’s most impressive year to date release wise, and we can look forward to many more.


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