Jickow Releases ‘The Nemesis Of Love’ EP Remixes By Marc DePulse & Da Fresh

jickow the nemesis of love

Jickow is back with a brand-new release on the DHB imprint, a consistent EP called ‘The Nemesis Of Love’ with featuring remixes from renowned producers like the German talent Mark De Pulse with over 400 releases spanning his career and Da Fresh hailing from France with accompanying iconic releases like ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘Aquila’.

With an unstoppable work ethic backed by a string of impressive releases, Jickow is definitely cementing his place in the industry especially with this new release which would prove a shame to miss out on.

Jickow’s take on ‘The Nemesis Of Love kicks off with a clean, pulsing kick drum combined with sharp and punchy snares and hi hats that fill the upper end of the spectrum to establish that iconic groove. This is shorty followed by a series of dark and entrancing sound FX that wrap around from the edges of the speaker and engulfs the soundscape to give it an ominous and mysterious vibe we can all get behind.

Between the excitement of the main body of the song, the implementation of the breakdowns switch up the atmosphere and the spine-tingling vocals commence, perfectly bringing every aspect of the song together.

Da Fresh’s remix remains consistent with the original all while adding his unique flare to it by implementing off beat clicks combined with a lower cutting bassline to give it zestier feel, while Marc De Pulse offers a more electrifying and grounded vibe with melodies paying homage to that iconic ‘80s synth wave era.

With a reputation proceeding him for the production of top-quality produced music, Jickow has really stepped up his game with this one. With plenty more exciting releases on the way, Jickow is rising as one of the most talented producers in the ever-growing pool of rising artists in the Dance music industry and is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

‘The Nemesis Of Love’ will be available for Purchase & Download on the 14th of May 2021.


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