Justin OH releases his debut Monstercat release – She’s A Killer

justin oh

Justin OH is born again new and fresh. The talented producer is back with his debut track on the renowned Bass label Mostercat, and fans are shocked with his completely new sound.

“She’s a Killer” starts off small with soft catchy vocals and gentle tones of the piano. As the song builds towards the drop Justin takes the listeners on a dynamic ride full of rousing energy. With “She’s A Killer” Justin shows that he doesn’t shy away from innovative production techniques and that he’s a perfect addition to the Monstercat family.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more goodness from Justin on the label. Later this month Justin will be back with a second release on Monstercat, June 19th to be exact!

Together with this first release on Monstercat Justin is not only revealing his new sound but also the rebranding of the Justin OH brand. The past year, Justin has been working behind the scenes on a completely new brand identity. Finally, the wait is over and Justin is very proud to introduce City of OZ to the world.

Check out City of OZ on Justin’s social media accounts or come see City of OZ live at one of Justin’s upcoming tour dates.


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