Krista Drops Gorgeous Mix Full Of Her Favourite Gems

krista mix

Since beginning her career a few years back, Krista has built a genuine reputation for herself fuelled by her love for music since her early childhood, combined with a plethora of vinyls that she holds dear to her.

During her time as a producer, Krista has taken part in local events with various musical groups in her home country of Greece playing alongside other great artists. Since the start of her career, she has developed an inimitable sound made up of atmospheric harmonies and uplifting beats, to which she sometimes accompanies with her own vocals.

With her image spreading across the world, Krista is sure to have a great year in terms of success ahead of her.

Check out her list of gems and favourite to find out what she’s really made of:


1) Hands in Mine – Gary Beck
2) The Bells (Steve Mulder Remix) – Trevor Rockliffe
3) The Funk – Raumakustik & Andrew Meller
4) Snapshot – Wigbert
5) Freakling – Tyler Rouse
6) No obstacles – Luca M., Just2, Alex Rise
7) Free – Jon Hester
8) Boom Chakolak – Garnier (Traumer Remix)
9) Siabasin – Kai van Dongen
10) Mirage – Ciara B
11) Spaulding – Tyler Rouse
12) Voices – Carlo Ruetz feat. Dan Diamond


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