Leah Culver Makes Solo Debut On Monstercat With Sultry Future Bass Single “Call My Name”

leah culver call my name

LA-based producer and renowned singer-songwriter Leah Culver made her solo debut on Monstercat today with her vibrant future bass single, “Call My Name.”

After previously releasing as a featured vocalist on the label, “Call My Name” finally showcases Leah’s own refined production stylings as the bright chords and plucked synths blend perfectly with the deep basses and powerful electric guitar.
Inspired by the thrill of flirting with a stranger on a night out, Leah’s silky vocals recount the rush of meeting someone for the first time and having no idea what will come next. With its bouncy, upbeat energy and instrumental flair, “Call My Name” is a testament to Leah’s multifaceted skill set and promising future as a solo artist.

Leah Culver shares, “I’ve been sitting on “Call My Name” for a while and I’m so happy to finally release it. I’m really grateful and I look forward to what this year has to offer. Thank you again Monstercat for being just as excited as me!”


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