Turkish DJ/Producer Mahmut Orhan Announces His New Single ‘Backwards’ Alongside Fellow Countryman Botan Beyaz!

mahmut orhan backwards

Renowned Turkish-born DJ and producer Mahmut Orhan is once again pushing boundaries with his latest single, ‘Backwards’.

Following the success of his recent releases, ‘Ederlezi’, ‘Redemption’ & ‘Cutting Ribbons’, which showcased his venture into the darker side of electronic dance music, Mahmut is now mixing it up with a brand-new collaboration with fellow country man and artist Botan Beyaz. ‘Backwards’ is a unique body of work that captivates the listener by seamlessly merging influences of Electronic Dance and Hip-Hop.

Mahmut Orhan’s storied career has resulted in multiple hits, with ‘Feel’ released in 2016 garnering a staggering 500 million+ combined streams across various streaming platforms and YouTube. The track achieved impressive top ten chart positions in Greece, Luxembourg, and Poland, while also reaching the top 100 in Turkey, Germany, and Romania – a remarkable achievement by any measure.

Additionally, Mahmut released the massive collaboration ‘6 Days’ with Colonel Bagshot in 2018, which also climbed the charts in several countries. The single secured number one positions in Turkey, Greece, Romania, and Serbia, further cementing Orhan’s reputation as a rising talent. His wealth of achievements have not gone unnoticed, with features in prestigious publications such as GQ Turkey, Billboard, and Dancing Astronaut.

In recent times, Mahmut Orhan joined forces with Global pop duo SOFI TUKKER on their hit album ‘WET TENNIS’, contributing significantly to the track ‘Forgive Me’. The album has subsequently been a major success for SOFI TUKKER, with ‘Forgive Me’ getting mass Radio Airplay and blasting through 10 Million streams. Orhan’s would go on to remix one of SOFI TUKKER’s most popular track’s ‘Swing’, yet another release which showcased his exceptional production talent.

With the release of his recent work ‘Ederlezi’, ‘Redemption’ & ‘Cutting Ribbons’, Mahmut Orhan embarked on an exciting new chapter in his career as a musician who splits his time between Los Angeles and Turkey. The singles capture the many cultures Mahmut is exposed to, influencing his music, but also setting the stage for future unique and forward-thinking releases that will continue to captivate audiences.

The new direction runs in tandem with a stunning live show which Mahmut Orhan and his team have created. A live show which has now resulted in multiple viral moments across social media which has resulted in Orhan’s social following growing over 500,000 followers in 1 month.

As 2023 continues to unfold, Mahmut prepares for a thrilling year filled with several new releases which lead him to a busy fall/winter schedule. Fans can anticipate Mahmut to bring his enticing performances to the world throughout these months.


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