Maison Ware’s Sophisticated Sound Pairs Up With MERYLL’s Emotive Vocals In New Single “Tension”

maison ware tension

Step into the enigmatic realm of Maison Ware, where cryptic and jet-black artistry unveils the next evolution of electronic music.

Cloaked in shadows and sophistication, Maison Ware’s latest single “Tension” feat. MERYLL is a captivating soundtrack for indulgence, seamlessly bridging the worlds of the warehouse and the dance floor.

“Tension” is an entrancing journey that will take you into the depths of Ware’s electronic creativity. With a dark and mysterious allure, the track creates a unique and enchanting experience for listeners. MERYLL’s vocals serve as a magnetic force, pulling audiences into immersive soundscapes that will leave them spellbound. “Tension” is an exploration of cryptic and mesmerizing arrangements, reflecting Ware’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Maison comments about the new single; “‘Tension’ is one of my favourite records to date. I wanted to create something that feels right for the big stage, but has the melodic substance I’d want to hear in the car. It was a pleasure to collaborate with the very talented vocalist MERYLL on this one. When I heard her very first demo, I knew it was the one!”

Maison Ware’s music is a fiery and intoxicating blend that has captivated the electronic music community. His label debut in 2019 with “Shibuya” on mau5trap’s compilation set the stage for a series of successful releases with the label. With tracks like “Mind” and “CSM”, Ware’s brooding midtempo style and darkly beautiful soundscapes have won the hearts of listeners worldwide, earning him praise from influential platforms like Triple J, Earmilk, and Your EDM.

Beyond dance music, Maison Ware’s talent extends to film composition. His work on the film Spree, executive-produced by Drake and premiered at Sundance Film Festival, showcased his ability to evoke powerful emotions through sound. As the first artist signed to deadmau5’s Film and TV label, Ware’s music has graced popular shows and movies like “Aquaman” and “Pretty Little Liars”, solidifying his reputation as a masterful storyteller through sound.

Now signed to Helix Records, Maison Ware embarks on a new chapter in 2023, armed with a fresh project and a reinvigorated sense of purpose. With each release, listeners can expect an immersive and compelling experience as he continues to push the boundaries of his artistry.

“Tension” is out August 4th on Helix.


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