Masked Musician Benedict Sinister Unveils Video-Game Style Video For ‘Going Away’

benedict sinister going away

Club hit “Going Away” by Benedict Sinister (which has already reached the top ten in the UK MusicWeek Club Charts) is poised to cross over to the pop charts with a new video combining a sexy video game aesthetic with a cold evocation of a relationship break-up.

“Going Away” is the best example yet of Sinister’s extraordinary combination of house lounge music with adult alternative vocal style and subject matter: break-ups and the great art they have inspired, from Verlaine to Hemingway to Gainsbourg, Jimmy Webb, Jeff Buckley and Lana Del Rey – who are all quoted in the song.

Gigsoup says Sinister’s music is “like Leonard Cohen warped into EDM in the coolest way possible.” Artistrack says: “His smart, sexy, sharply-observed songs are a fusion of adult alternative and chill house.” Wonderland magazine call Sinister a “boundary-pushing revered musical veteran.” Cool Husting reports: “something beautiful has been born.”

Sinister teamed up with LA DJ and tastemaker Christian B on this track. Their last collaboration, “16 Lines from Bryan Ferry” hit the No. 5 Breakout spot on Billboard’s Dance Club chart.

Benedict Sinister’s cult status grows rapidly, fueled by his outrageous behavior: Concealing his face in multicolor metallic Burning Man masks, paired with tuxedos from Tom Ford and slippers by Christian Leboutin.

His punk single, “Spitting Lines from Debbie Harry” starts with the line “When I was dealing with depression, there was nothing better than heroin.”

He advised young EDM artists that “One creative way to get your name known in the electronic music world is to write some homoerotic fan fiction about Deadmau5 and send him the link via Twitter.”


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